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big otto



Was trying to figure out how to show the special objects* in the Frenzy variation when I realized a 2x player would just about fill the width of the smaller room sections. I checked the kernel and discovered I had enough time to change the size of Player 1 during it's reposition routines. I also had an unused color data stream value, due to Player 1's reposition routine taking 1 scanline longer than player 0's routine, where I could store the NUSIZ1 value. So I've updated the kernel and the sprite flicker routines to support double size objects. Only one is in place at the moment, Big Otto. For this test I just manually doubled the graphic data to create Big Otto, so you can't tell that it really supports single-line detail for the double size sprites.



There's quite a bit more to be done before the Frenzy variation is really playable: updating the collision routines to support 2x sprites, revised shot routines to deal with the new wall properties, doors that line up in different positions, etc.


Note: Left Difficulty controls the flicker/animate for the walls.







* This video shows 3 of them, though it's stretched widescreen for some reason:

3:15 Big Otto

5:17 Power Plant

8:01 Central Computer




It's missing the Robot Factory. This video shows the ColecoVision version of Frenzy:

1:18 Big Otto

2:00 Power Plant

3:18 Central Computer

4:01 Robot Factory


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Very nice - this is coming along great...


How are you going to handle the difference in the lethal walls / robots? (i.e. the robots in Frenzy just stop you from moving in that direction instead of killing you, as do the walls) ...or I should say *are* you going to handle it differently than the Berzerk-inspired version?

I ask this because In the version I am doing for the 7800 I am having two separate collision routines for Frenzy and Berzerk... Because In Frenzy the objects stop moving just *before* there is a collision (i.e. there's a small gap between them), and in Berzerk you (or the robot) die when there *is* a collision.

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Thanks! Haven't worked out all the differences yet, but I was planning on separate collision processing for Berzerk/Frenzy. I've been playing Berzerk and Frenzy in MAME to figure out the differences. I need to track down how to disable the lives decrement so I can figure out how the higher levels in Frenzy work - ie: I still want death to occur, but want to keep playing without having to start at the beginning.


Don't forget the Robot Factory! I can't wait to see how those turn out. Once I figure out what all the special objects do, I'll let you know what I need. I should be able to get screen grabs from MAME if that will help.

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Yeah, I think getting screen shots from mame is a good idea.


Watching the posted videos, I noticed in coleco's version it has different art for the central computer than the arcade. The case may be with the robot factory too. But I never got that far playing in either version, so I really don't know if they do look different.

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