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Skyward Sword



For Christmas I got Skyward Sword. Unfortunately, my wife didn't get my email about the game+controller bundle, so I had to pick up a Motion Pus controller before I could play it.


I've played about 4 hours so far, so consider this a very early review.


I will say there's been an awful lot of dialog in the game so far, on top of the intro backstory movie. I just hope they do something with Groose, or that was a whole whack of dialog which wasn't that necessary.


The game - it's Zelda (so far). It hasn't quite caught my imagination like Occarina, but I have a feeling this one could get close. I just hope I'm not chasing Zelda for the entire game.


I'm also not happy with the Motion Plus. Sure it's nice to be able to control your slashes, but that's the theory. In practice I'm still flailing away rather than carefully planning my strikes (especially with groups of enemies). The normal point at the screen control also seems more sluggish, although it might be the camera is getting confused by the Christmas tree lights.


One thing I do like are the hint movies from the gossip stones. I was stuck on the eye lock at in the first temple. I thought the hint indicated I needed a bow & arrow, but I didn't know where I was supposed to have gotten it.


Recommended Comments

I've played a lot more Skyward Sword (although it's currently taken a back seat to Mario 3DS). The motion controls are still less than perfect (and would it have been so hard to use the normal IR/video control for stuff where you're pointing at the screen?). Groose did develop into an interesting subplot, but you still spend a lot of the game essentially chasing Zelda.

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