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Test of new reposition routines



Added some code to test the new reposition routines. Move the joystick left/right to adjust the X position of player 0 and up/down for player 1. Hold fire to move slower.


The topmost copy of each player is positioned using the standard reposition routines so that I could confirm the results were correct. The 2nd copy of each player is repositioned using the new routines. The remaining copies are hard coded and won't move.


I've also added the Score/Lives/Bonus kernel and am using it to display the X positions.









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Me too ;)


It looks like I'm going to have to split the 6507 code into 2 banks again, pre-reboot I'd optimized it all into just bank 5 to save ROM. The new kernel takes quite a bit more space though, so I'm going to have to use some space in bank 4. Normally I do my bankswitching logic at the start of each bank, but I'm going to do it at the end instead as I won't need all of bank 4 for 6507 code.


I'm hoping to have the Berzerk variation playable this weekend. It won't have the animation in place though as I'm planning to use what was learned while working on Chun-Li to bring back the speech samples. Once that's done I'll know how much ROM is left for holding all the animation frames.

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