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Very nice work! The diagonal enemy shots look a little strange, but I guess there is no way around that? I hope you have space for some more sprite animation frames?



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I tried this with Stella 3.4.1 and got some weird message about "Thumb ARM emulation fatal error." which is especially interesting because previous versions have worked.

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Strange? you mean how they're drawn horizontally? If so, yeah, there's no time to HMOVE the shots to draw them diagonally.


Animation's coming back, I just haven't migrated the animation routines from pre-reboot code yet.


Another issue with the animation is that after I dropped the speech samples we went a overboard with the animation: 13x2 frames for the explosion (explosion is 2 sprites wide), 16 frames for the humanoid running up/down, 8 frames for humanoid left/right, etc. I'm planning to add back the the speech samples based on what we learned while working on Chun-Li (namely GroovyBee's tip about dropping volatile from the variable definitions - that shrunk Chun-Li's ARM code by 1K and sped it up). One thing I can probably do to help with the ROM usage is to use a single player explosion with 2X pixels as I can now control both NUSIZ0 and NUSIZ1 in the new kernel.

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You need to use at least Stella 3.5. Prior versions of Stella crash if MAMCR was accessed. I have to set MAMCR to partially disable the ARM chip's cache to stop the weird random crashes that used to occur.


Before Stella 3.5 I used to release "stella" and "harmony" builds, like you can see in this post.

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Thanks! Strange? you mean how they're drawn horizontally? If so, yeah, there's no time to HMOVE the shots to draw them diagonally.


Yes - I think they might look a little better if you could reduce the width when they were moving diagonally, i.e. x1 for vertical, x2 for diagonal, x4 for horizontal?


EDIT: or you could use two single width missiles to draw a single diagonal missile (where the missiles are offset by 1 pixel from each other)



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Using different sizes is an idea, though I'm planning to use x2 missiles for a "smart missile" option (fired by the tank robots). The smart missiles are the lower 2 in this screenshot*


I do plan to make the smart missiles 3 scanlines tall though, so that might be an option if I leave the normal diagonal shots 1 scanline.


Shots can't be repositioned mid-screen like the players, so using 2 objects to draw one shot would cut the number of supported shots in half to just 3.


EDIT: can't add another comment for some reason, so I added the following to this comment:

I tried the 2x1 diagonal shot during lunch and like how it turned out, thanks for the suggestion!



* hmm, can't directly use a prior blog entry's images.

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