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personal cloud computing?



About three weeks ago our house caught fire. No-one was hurt (although the cat didn't make it) and the majority of the damage is smoke & heat related. (The fire appears to have started from some loose batteries - probably a shorted 9V.)


At this point I don't know if my desktop tower computer can be saved, but I'm mulling over options to replace it. As a temporary solution (while my wife's Macbook & my work laptop were out for cleaning) I bought a netbook (asus Aspire One) which does a remarkably good job for most tasks. So much so that I'm wondering what I need a desktop for. I'm concluded the main tasks (other than video capture, which I may do via my wife's MacBook or my MythTV backend) are CPU & memory hogs (like stitching panoramas or giant GIMP files).


So I'm wondering - is there the possibility of using something like Amazon EC2 to handle the times when I need a PC with more CPU and memory than the netbook?

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