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Wii U 4 me?



Back in August we had a house fire which destroyed much of the contents by heat & smoke, including my Wii & PS3. Insurance will replace both, but I'm debating whether I should replace the Wii with a Wii U or not.


Actually, the first question is whether to replace them at all. I mean, my free time is fairly limited, and we try to limit my son's game playing time. So why drop $$ on a console which doesn't get used?


The PS3 will get replaced because it's a decent Blu-Ray player (although it's non-HDMI audio is limited). And my son will have his 3DS and my wife an iTouch. So there's no shortage of games machines around.


OTOH, the insurance will cover the Wii, so no cost to me. That also means I can still play the GameCube games (assuming I can buy some controllers somewhere) and will have access to the Homebrew channel.


But I won't be able to play any Wii U games . . . not that the launch batch has any true must plays. Sure, New Super Mario Bros U is "the best 3D Mario in decades", but I've never been a super big fan of 2D Mario, I prefer the action-adventure style of SM64 and Zelda. So while I can perhaps see getting a Wii U at some point in the future, I can live without for the moment. But that also means any games come with the sticker shock of buying a new console.


But, if I replace the Wii with a Wii U then the insurance will pick up some of the cost and I'm future proof for the moment. But I'll lose GameCube compatibility (eBay, since I sold mine at a garage sale...) and the Homebrew channel (although I can get emulators for the PC). Which is what I'll probably do, but not today. I wonder what Black Friday & Boxing Day sales will bring...


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My sympathies on the fire. We went though exactly the same thing earlier this year. The worst was living out of a hotel room for weeks.


For replacement of smoke damaged stuff, my insurance guy just tallied up everything and cut a cheque. If they do that for you, you can always put aside the money and decide later.


Also, the newer Wii revision dropped GameCube ports and compatibility. Not sure if the older SKUs are available... you might want to check that out if that's the way you're leaning.

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The Wii U can wait until Bayonetta 2 is out I think :D


From the games available so far I'm interested in none, since I just played through Mass Effect 3 on the 360 and can have Batman in a less gimmicky version and much cheaper on the current machines. So well, I'll just wait for Bayonetta and a Fire Emblem Uteration ;)

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@RevEng Thanks for the info on the GC compatibility, I had an original Wii so I didn't pay attention. I was leaning towards getting the Wii U (on sale if possible, or at least when some must-have games come out) anyway.


We were fortunate that a family we knew if the neighbourhood was temporarily moving to the US at the same time as the fire so we have been able to rent their house during the rebuild. We should be getting a cheque for the cash value of the contents and then we can file claims against the replacement value for each line in the statement of loss.

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