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HDMI adaptor ordered



I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas and used it towards the purchase of a HDfuryPro. It has 2 HDMI inputs and will convert the video signal to component and VGA while also converting the audio signal to 5.1 CH SPDIF Optical and Stereo via 3.5mm jack.


My DirecTV box currently plugs into my Yamaha surround sound receiver1 via component and SPDIF Optical, so I should be able to just drop the Mac mini in its place. I'll connect the DirecTV box to the 2nd HDMI port for a while as I'm still clearing out the backlog recorded shows before I cancel the service (while handy, DVRs sure are a good way to lock you in to a provider :ponder:). I'd been so busy with Space Rocks and Chun Li that my DVR became quite full with over 100 hours of recorded content at one point. There's still 40 hours of shows for me to catch up on, most of which are cable series (like The Walking Dead) as the mini's been recording the local channels since November.


My plan is to be fully caught up on the backlog so I can cancel DirecTV after watching the season finally of Haven on the 17th, though I probably could cancel before then as SyFy streams the last 5 episodes of most of their shows.


1 only one of my TV's component inputs supports 1080i (the other maxes out at 480p), so I use my reciever to switch between my 2 high def sources (DirecTV and PS3).


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