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Goodbye 2012

Random Terrain


I didn't get much done in 2012, thanks to Cymbalta. It did a great job eliminating the neuropathy pain in my feet, but it made me tired all of the time and it also caused me to yawn a lot. After taking it most of the year, I decided to stop. It took about 2 months for the withdrawal symptoms to fade away. Lucky, I only had "brain zaps" and dizziness (disequilibrium) that required the use of a cane. That's better than what some people have experienced:






Now that I'm not sleepy all of the time, I should be able to get an Atari 2600 game finished in 2013 using batari Basic and Visual batari Basic (the bB IDE). On the to-do list so far is Gyvolver, Bloober and the Gnarl, a platform game of some kind, and an adventure game. I might kill two birds with one stone and make a platform adventure game.




Random Terrain



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Don't be too hard on yourself. Creating a game requires a lot of time & effort with limited reward. It's often better to put that time & effort into other activities.

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