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Logitech Squeezebox Radio

Thomas Jentzsch


Since Logitech announced to stop further development of the Squeezebox series (the server is promised to continue, and you can update the firmware to their new UE system), the devices have become much cheaper lately. So I decided to buy myself a Squeezebox Radio (limited red edition incl. accupack) for 111€.





Yesterday it arrived and I have immediately started playing with it. :)


The device seems really powerful, but the software is lacking quite a lot. E.g. setting up an alarm clock (I will mainly use it besides my bed) took me two hours(!) until I found out that setting the correct timezone on the device is not sufficient. You also have to correct the timezone of the Squeezebox account using your browser. Of course this is nowhere mentioned in the lousy manual(s). The menu is a bit unstructured and redundant too, but you can at least partially reconfigure that too. You can even reassign two (press and hold) different functions to all 16 buttons.


You can also control the radio via internet or smartphone. Adding and changing channels, alarms, plug-ins etc., there a lots of possibilities.


Once you have set up everything correctly it works great. Especially I like the automatic display dimming (I like it DARK), which can be modified in various ways. And the sound is really good for such a small device.


One annoying thing is, that you can set a different volume for the alarm. The channel you used last will be used to wake you up too. Sounds perfect, but it is isn't, because my favorite channels have a very different volume. So I have to decide for a much higher alarm volume than necessary, just in case I decided to listen to a very quiet channel when going to sleep. IMO it would be better you could define a delta from the current volume setting for the alarm.


Anyone else having experiences or tips for this device?


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Kann es Spotify? Ich wollte meiner Frau ein Spotify fähiges Küchenradio zu Weihnachten schenken, hatte aber nix unter 150 Euro gefunden.

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Kategorie: Musik auf Abruf, Vorgestellte Anwendungen

Kompatibel mit: Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox Touch

Voraussetzungen Benötigt einen Spotify Premium Account – registrieren Sie sich auf www.spotify.com.

Habe meine von ComTech.

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Das Philips ist ziemlicher Schrott. Und was sonst so für unter 100€ angeboten i.d.R. wird auch.


Billiger bekommst du das kaum: http://geizhals.de/?fs=squeezebox+radio&in=


Und mittlerweile(!) ist das Ganze schon ausgereift. Man muss halt ein wenig die Daumen drücken, dass Logitech sich an sein Versprechen hält und die Server nicht abschaltet. Ansonsten kannst du dann immer noch von die Musik von deinem PC/NAS abspielen.

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Bingo! Finally managed to play Pandora Radio (which is blocked in Germany) on my Squeezebox without having to let my computer run all the time.


The solutions is pretty easy (but I found it nowhere in the web). PM me if anyone is interested.

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One step later and (after one easy initial step) I don't need my computer anymore to use Pandora outside USA. I have five user-defined radios in my favorites now. :)

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