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99 bottles, er, titles on the disc



Handbrake took over 4 minutes to scan the titles for the first DVD from Daria: The Complete Animated Series. The scan said it discovered 99 titles on the disc (though the drop down only shows 1-98 :?).



There's only 9 episodes on the disc, so I had to figure out which titles to rip. To do that, I opened up the DVD Player, started episode one, then clicked the LCD display of the control window a few times until it showed me it was playing title 59



I repeated that for the remaining 8 episodes and came up with the titles of 59, 50, 51, 60, 53, 54, 55, 61 and 57.


I accidently quit Handbrake, but discovered that File->Open Source (Title Specific)... let me specify a specific title to scan, so I didn't have to wait to rescan all 99 titles.



After filling out the filename, I clicked on Add to Queue. The filename format for iDentify (the tagging software I mentioned in the prior blog entry) is SeriesName SxxEyy where xx is the season number and yy is the episode number.



I then repeated File->Open Source (Title Specific)... filename and Add to Queue for the other 8 titles, then hit Show Queue to confirm what I'd entered.



I had to widen the window a little to see the filenames. The titles and filenames all checked out, so I clicked on Start.


When I got to disc 3 I noticed that iDentify picked up the wrong information for Through a Lens Darkly, the last episode on the disc:



Turns out there can be two different episode orders, Aired and DVD. I changed the order to DVD and did a rescan.



When I did disc 4 I had to change the order for most of the episodes to get the correct information.


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