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  2. The latest software update added the map in the upper right of the Expanded FSD Visualization: Also added a progress bar in the revised Destination/End Trip display - the horizontal divider line starts out blue and turns grey behind the red arrowhead that moves to the right as you get closer to your destination: The progress bar also shows upcoming traffic congestion:
  3. Today's shareholder meeting had this interesting tidbit - "Model 3 and Model Y battery packs retain 85% of their capacity on average after 200K miles of driving"
  4. Received a message yesterday in the Tesla App. Will respond to it later this week.
  5. Nice! I think yours has the LFP battery, which means you can charge it to 100% every day. For mine they originally recommended up to 90% for daily use, though that was lowered to 80% at some point. I can charge to 100%, just need to hit the road soon after. FSD is slick. Still has some issues, but has improved a lot since I first started to use it. I don't use it that often around town, but always use it on road trips. Your accessories look good - did you get the wood grained controller? Only thing I'd look at is to see if any of the optional NEMA adapters for the mobile connector would be useful for you - especially during a trip. I ended up getting the adapter bundle with all of them and mostly use: 14-50 - charging at home 14-30 - charging at family via dryer outlet 5-15 - fallback on trips I've also had occasion to use 5-20 - 33% faster charging than 5-15 6-50 - welding outlet I have a 14-30 and a 5-15 extension cord, which are quite useful on trips. I ordered this 14-30 on Amazon, though the socket end looks a bit different now. The 5-15 I already had though make sure it supports the full amps, the initial one I used did not which resulted in even slower charging: I'd forgotten they changed the backend from having the Tesla logo to having the letters T E S L A. For tips 1) voice commands are very useful. 2) You can map a long-press event for your left steering wheel button. We have handicap placards for my dad in the glovebox of both my 3 and their Y, so we've mapped it to open the glovebox. 3) and use this to track when you last did your tire rotations
  6. I can't wait for the Smart Summon update. My 2024 M3 doesn't have it, but it's supposed to come out later this month.
  7. I had been driving a 2000 Audi TT Quattro that I traded in, so this was a massive upgrade! The Tesla that I just got is a 2024 Model 3 rear-wheel drive, and I couldn't be happier! The car was flawless (that I could see), and had 15 miles on it. I'm still learning a few things, but for the most part, I've figured it out. I have a free month of Full Self-Driving, and used it for the first time last night. It was a total blast! I may subscribe to this. The only accessories that I have so far are the mobile charger, a Jowua controller, SUPER LINER Floor Mats, and a USB Hub Expansion Dock that goes in the glovebox (this one was super-cheap and coming from AliExpress, so I'm a little worried on if it will work correctly). Anything I should know? Tips and tricks? Anything else that I should buy?
  8. Honestly, no home charging as of now. I do plan on installing one though. For now, there's a supercharger less than 2 miles away that I will go to. I drive around 300 miles a month, so I'm assuming I'll be charging every other week or so.
  9. third tire replacement in May 2024 for $1376. Also replaced the wiper blades for the first time for $49 Annual Texas vehicle registration now includes a $200 EV fee. I understand the need to fund the roads, though I find this to be punitive as the Texas gas tax is $0.20. That $200 is equivalent to buying 1000 gallons of gas, which would take the average new car 26,0000 miles. My current milage is 50970, so I've only driven 4,551 miles in the past year. If I had a gas car that'd have been $35 in Texas gas taxes.
  10. Awesome! I'd love to get the refreshed Model 3, think the new ventilated seats would be really nice to have here in the summer, but will be having some home repairs and remodeling done later this year. Maybe next year. What are your plans for home charging? I've been using the Mobile Connecter since 2018, it was included with the car back then. For the first 6 months I used a regular household NEMA 5-15 outlet in the garage for 120v charging. I eventually installed the 14-50 outlet for 240v when I switched to a free-nights electric plan in order to make sure charging finished during the free period.
  11. I ordered a Model 3 (lease) online shortly after midnight on Saturday going into Sunday, and chose one that the site said was ready in nearby Brooklyn. I paid the $250 order fee, entered my info, was approved and almost immediately got a VIN. I filled out all of the info but still waiting. I can be really impatient at times. Boy, I can't wait!
  12. Have noticed a change in behavior for the PowerWall - it's 1:30pm and a thunderstorm just started, so there's no solar production. In the past I would now be drawing from the PowerWall, but I'm currently drawing from the grid instead. Presumably due to TOU rates the energy stored in the PowerWall is being held in reserve to be used during 4-7pm peek usage period when the grid rates are higher.
  13. 294 miles of range confirmed. Didn't check it earlier as we were heading out of town that night for the eclipse in my folks' Model Y and it's not good to leave the battery sitting at 100%. The new V3 Superchargers that went online 5 months ago in Luling, TX made a big difference for the trip - plug in, walk in to use restrooms & get drinks, walk back to car, unplug, resume trip. In past trips to Bandera the older V2 Superchargers in Flatonia would require additional time, so we'd use the stop as a meal break even though the food options weren't the best.
  14. My most recent update included a change to the Estimated Battery Range: My car just finished charging and is at 80% with 235 miles of range, which extrapolates to 294 miles at 100%. That's 5.2% down from the original 310 miles of range. Cumulative milage is 50,151.
  15. FSD Beta is now FSD (Supervised). Got v12 earlier this week and it's a major improvement over v11. Issues I'd been having like the blinker turning on too early when leaving my neighborhood, and waiting too long to change lanes for an upcoming turn, have finally been resolved.
  16. Hmm, looks like both rates went down by 1.6¢ per kWh
  17. Hard to believe it's been 5 years since installing solar panels. My net-metering plan was on a 5 year contract, so it was time to renew or pick a new electric provider. I checked around and the rates have gone up quite a bit. Decided to go with Tesla Electric, which is a TOU (time of use) plan: $0.124* / kWh during peek usage, which is 4pm - 7pm. $0.077* / kWh all other times * add another $0.055 for grid and delivery fees for $0.179 and $0.132 respectively. These prices are what appear in the app: The rates were lower than other options, but instead of net-metering any excess solar production is bought at the 90% of market price, which varies every 15 minutes based on demand. This also shows up in the app: This time of year demand isn't very high, as temperature's nice outside so AC usage is low, so the market price is low. It even goes negative on occasion, though it looks like I'm not charged for them to take it: I did see some instances of higher rates, such as getting paid almost $0.30 per kWh for a brief period on the 18th. If the selling price goes above $0.30 then energy stored in the Powerwall will be sent to the grid. I have that set to only use the upper 70% of my Powerwall for that. Bill for first 11 days, note that it lists $0.124 and $0.077 for Tesla's rates, with the grid charges broken out further down: Not great compared to my net-metering plan due to how low market prices currently are for my excess solar. I'll be evaluating how this turns out over the summer when increased electric usage raises market prices. If it works out well I'll keep this plan, if not it's a month-to-month plan so I can easily switch to another without any penalty.
  18. Ran across the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro controllers I'd picked up back in 2018 for a Raspberry Pi Retro gaming project. Haven't fired up that Pi in a long time, so decided to charge the controllers up and try them out with the car now that it has support for bluetooth game controllers. They're nice and compact compared to the Logitech F310 USB controllers I've been using in my car, which would be great for storage: First one paired with the car just fine; however the car wouldn't let me pair the second one as I already had 2 devices connected, the other being my phone. Was surprised at this as I thought bluetooth had a 7 device limit. Controller worked well in Beach Buggy Racing 2; though the button labels are swapped, X <--> Y and A <--> B, vs the Logictech controllers. The on-screen instructions use the Logitech layout, so if they refer to a specific button you have to remember to use the other one - such as button B if instructions say A.
  19. Since I work from home the day I usually drive the most is the first workday of each month as that's when I drive into Houston for our monthly meeting. This graph shows solar production for the day and where it went: Blue = used directly by house Red = charging car Green = charging Powerwall Grey = sent to grid As specified on Tesla's page: Which explains why the car stopped charging around 5pm even though it had not reached at 80%. The car resumed charging the next morning when there was once again 1.2kW of stable excess solar.
  20. The text above the slider changes while you're adjust it:
  21. My Tesla's on the FSD Beta software branch, which often lags behind on updates like the Charge on Solar feature. It finally showed up with last night's update, so I'm giving it a try. The Sun slider (on the left) is set to 40%, if the charge is less than that the car will charge up to that slider using the grid. The max slider on the right is set to 80%. Car's receiving 11A Charging the car takes priority over charging the Powerwall. Some clouds reduced solar output, so car's now receiving 6A A Charge Tip appears if you set the max above 80%. The recommendation used to be a range of 50% to 90%, and I had been leaving mine at 50% since I work at home.
  22. It is mostly a matter of math calculations. We know how the batteries degrade quite well now. So if the price you are getting paid extends the degradation it becomes interesting. Plus you have some autarky if you can use the battery for your needs.
  23. Bluetooth game controller support coming to the 3 & Y with the next software update! 😁
  24. For me in Texas it does seem like it would make more sense to send excess to the grid during the day when it's needed to cover peak demand from AC usage, and schedule the car to charge at night when we have excess wind power. I do have net metering though so the power company pays me for my excess solar. For every 1 kWh I send to the grid they pay me the same amount I pay them to draw 1 kWh from the grid, so it doesn't matter financially when I charge the car. For somebody without net metering it would make sense to use excess solar to charge their car rather than give it to the grid for free. Of course they would need to be at home when this occurs for it to be useful. I have read that some people have net metering plans that are also TOU (Time Of Use). The utility pays more for each kWh during the day when demand is high than the customer pays for each kWh in the middle of the night when demand is low. For those people it would not make sense financially to charge via excess solar. No, Tesla doesn't support V2G. I wish they would as it could be helpful after a hurricane. Tesla CTO JB Straubel On Why EVs Selling Electricity To The Grid Is Not As Swell As It Sounds (Sadly the video they got the quote from is no longer available.) This was back in 2016 though, when batteries were much smaller and more expensive.
  25. Sounds cool. Can you use your Tesla as battery too?
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