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A place for those interested in Tesla vehicles, solar, power storage, etc.
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  2. Did my first full charge* in a long time - after 4+ years, and 43,625 miles, Talith now has 93% of the original range of 310 miles. * For day to day use charging is limited to 50-90% as sitting at 100% is bad for the battery used in my Tesla. Some Teslas now use LFP batteries, which Tesla recommends keeping charged to 100%.
  3. Tesla Con Panel: Giga Texas Extreme Scale Innovation with Sandy Munro, Jordan Giesige, Farzad Mesbahi
  4. Didn't get an invite for the Cyber Rodeo, so watched the event via livestream. Tesla Con Texas was quite fun, with people attending from as far away as Australia. People drove from across North America to attend - I parked next to a couple new Plaid Model Xs from Nevada and Pennsylvania, and a Model 3 from Florida was at the end of the row. A number of people drove down from Canada, don't know if anybody drove up from Mexico. Bluebonnets were in bloom around the parking lot: Line to get in was long: Doors opened late, though they came through the line ahead of time to scan our tickets and give us wrist bands - so once the doors opened we just walked right in. The Concourse Project was a nice, basically a small concert venue with room for about 2000 people. There was a stage on one end with bars along the other 3 walls. There was very little seating so I spent the day standing except when I sat at picnic table during lunch in the food truck area. Speakers were great, especially enjoyed Sandy Monro.
  5. Yes, I plan on attending the Tesla Con. I don't have high hopes of getting into the Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo. Their capacity is limited to 15,000, and given they are sending out +1 invites, most of them are likely to go to employees, influencers, journalists, and people who are connected to Tesla in some fashion. It seems unlikely that many owners in the Austin area are going to get tickets. ..Al
  6. Anybody else going to Tesla Con Texas in Austin? Austin's Tesla Club is having some social meetups on April 5th and 6th, and a Main Event with speakers like Sandy Munro on April 8th. These are on either side of Tesla's Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo on April 7th. I've taken off work on the 7th and 8th and have my ticket for the Main Event. I've only seen a few people with invites so far for the Cyber Rodeo, so don't yet know if I'll be able to attend that.
  7. Sorry for the lack of FSD Beta updates, but: found out Tuesday night that one of the people there tested positive. I've not been able to get tested, and home test kits are unavailable for at least another week, so I've decided to quarantine. If I caught it then I've had minor symptoms so far of headache and congestion, which is also my normal allergy response for this time of year. ?‍♂️
  8. Getting out of my neighborhood requires 2 left turns, though they are at stop signs. Works OK for the most part, though there is a minor issue with the 2nd left turn: stops at Stop Sign 1 puts on left blinker when clear, goes straight thru intersection stops at Stop Sign 2 when clear, makes left turn The minor issue is anybody at the intersection for Stop Sign 1 thinks I want to turn into the club house parking lot. Same thing happens if I go to my folk's house, though with the right blinker coming on at Stop Sign 1 even though the turn occurs after Stop Sign 2:
  9. Are most of your left turns with FSD with traffic lights or is it up to the Tesla to figure out when it can make it? The Post Oak onto Andover Glen left turn seems like you really have to be ready to take control in case it makes a bad choice of when to go.
  10. Have been informed on TeslaMotorsClub that FSD beta reverts back to NOA on highways. Not the response I expected as: FSD beta worked on highway 6 by me FSD beta worked on Fort Bend Tollroad, which is extremely similar in layout to SH-99 where it fell back to Autopilot mode.
  11. Went to a friends birthday party last night. FSD Beta worked from my place, down highway 6, and on the Fort Bend Tollroad. I did have to intervene a few times, such as after it moved into a right-turn only lane when it needing to go straight. When I got to beltway 8 it fell back into Autopilot mode: the visuals dropped the red/yellow edge of the road and I was prompted for lane changes (which is how I have Autopilot configured). It remained in Autopilot mode on I-10 and on SH-99. FSD returned when I exited onto FM 529. Return trip was identical: FSD worked on FM529, fell back to Autopilot for SH-99, I-10 and Beltway 8, then FSD worked again from Fort Bend Tollroad on back to my place.
  12. After Xmas dinner my folks and I had Talith drive us down to Hoggs N' Chicks (a Fine Food Shack) and back, about a 10 mile round trip. I've not been able to get FSD to engage while parked or in reverse in a driveway, so I backed out onto Andover Glen, put the car in drive, then engaged FSD. Just as we got to Post Oak I hit the brakes to abort as an ambulance with sirens & lights engaged was coming down Post Oak - Talith might have handled it just fine, but since I'm still new to using FSD I didn't want to risk disrupting the ambulance. Once it passed I reengaged FSD. Talith then took us to the restaurant without any further interventions. There were 9 traffic lights and all were navigated through without any confirmation from me. After the car turned into the strip mall, on the end containing the restaurant, FSD disengaged with a "we've arrived" message. So at this point it appears to be up to you to park the car once you arrive. The route there was: left turn onto S Post Oak right turn onto highway 6 right turn into strip mall Trip back was the reverse with: left turn onto highway 6 left turn onto S Post Oak right turn onto Andover Glenn No interventions were required for the return trip. However Talith decided to hang out in the left lane, causing faster traffic to pass us on the right. I was curious if the car accepted suggestions, so turned on the blinker and sure enough, Talith moved into the middle lane. One issue I've noticed is for turns the car would often hang out in the wrong lane, resulting in having to cross multiple lanes to make a turn. It wasn't an issue yesterday as traffic was light, but could be in issue in heavy traffic. One example - while I had recommended the car to change out of the fast lane into the middle lane, that was 2 miles before the left turn onto Post Oak. Talith stayed in the middle lane until we got to the exit lane - so it had to cross over 2 lanes for the turn. It's possible the car is more proactive with lane changes in heavy traffic. The other issue I noticed, on the drive back to my house, was it sometimes did a slow roll through a stop sign - something I don't care for it to be doing. Think I'll be switching it to Chill mode before my next excursion.
  13. Used it to drive the 0.7 miles to my folks' house. It's very cautious at stop signs, was glad nobody was behind me. I took over at the left turn from Post Oak onto Andover Glen as a car was coming but was hidden behind the trees & bushes due to the curve in the road. Talith might have seen it, but since it was my first drive with FSD I wasn't sure.
  14. You'll have to give us a road report when you (or the car I guess in this case?) take it out for a spin.
  15. Yep, it was FSD Beta! While exciting, I'm too tired to try it out tonight.
  16. I received 2021.44.25.2 with the new UI last night at 11pm. Has some things I like, and others I don't such as tapping on the album artwork now hides the media player instead of making it larger !?!? The one coming in now is 2021.44.25.6. It's installing now, will know in a bit.
  17. Nope, that's the big version 11 update, I got that earlier today. Tons of changes in that, including the new UI. ..Al
  18. I already received the Holiday Update, so was surprised to see another update. I think this might be FSD Beta.
  19. A couple weeks ago I noticed that Tesla's charging fees in Texas are now by the kW. Fees in Wisconsin are still by the minute.
  20. Same. I'll use Autopilot extensively on road trips and it's terrific for that, but I also don't use it very often locally. ..Al
  21. That's correct. I've found Autopilot to be awesome for trips. I don't use it very often locally as driving it's so much fun.
  22. Thanks for the comments and the link. It sounds like there's 2 levels: Autopilot and Full Self Driving (FSD), and it is the FSD portion that requires the very high safety score (for now).
  23. Don't have it yet either, my score's 97.
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