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The club for the (SFW) furries of AtariAge.
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  2. A drawing a friend made of my character, Telzok Xarenu... I did the coloring, myself.
    i absolutely love this! 😮
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  5. Just something I whipped up real quick.

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    Kelvin headshot

    Though I'd give realistic fur a try

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  7. It existed way before the internet was mainstream for sure. People would visit BBSes, or meet in hotel rooms to share and trade mimeographed magazines. https://youtu.be/8aF2GxWi7Ag That's a Youtube Video about Furries. It starts Very Early Pre-Fur even to show you what it evolved from.
  8. Wow! I didn't even know it was a thing in 1997... I mean the culture... obviously people had been into anthropomorphic animals since the dawn of of civilization... Anyway my sona (name is Telzok Xarenu) is a dragon, but not really as he is an alien. He's also the main character of a game I'm working on. Also been doing art ( find it here: https://www.deviantart.com/dragongrafx-16 ) and writing a story which is now up to like 36 pages (it's quickly turning into a novel lol). I don't think I'd ever go to a furry convention but would totally go to a dragon one if there was one nearby. I'm also not into fursuiting and would rather spend money on video game stuff, music, or music/audio equipment. Neat to see someone that is 34 that's still into this stuff (in any capacity). I turn 29 next month and it's nice to know I can keep on being weird for years yet. lol
  9. I Redid my main Avatar. The original was by an artist named 'Dangerboy'. I retraced it and made it a little more cartoony in the process I guess. Background is 'Fantasy Zone'.
  10. I see no one's replied here, so I guess I will. Hey, I'm Dan. I go by the online name 'Rocky Raccoon'. I'm 34. There's like a bazillion of furs with this name. It is entirely unoriginal. But I'll get into my reasonings on why that's my 'nickname' online. First off, I'm not what you call an 'actual fur'. I like the cute art. I like animal puppets/muppets, But I don't partake in the fandom as a whole-- I used to when I was in high school a smidge but it always kinda seemed drama-rific? (At least, at the time. As I said-- I haven't really looked into it since high school so around 1997-2001, lol.) So I kinda stepped outta there. I don't go to cons. I'm never gonna shove thousands of dollars into a fursuit when I could use that to bolster my retro collection or pay rent or buy a cool new thing, etc. (And I kinda find walkaround characters, mascot suits, etc creepy anyways. c.c) Anyways, there used to be a raccoon that nested on top of our (Capped, and defunct) Chimney. My dad called it Rocky Raccoon. I didn't know he was referencing a Beatles Song at the time. I found raccoons neat and they're a favorite animal so I called myself that online. That's the story of my 'Fursona Name/Creation' there. In so far as you can call what I call myself online a 'fursona'.
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  12. Welcome! If you haven't already, please read the rules before posting. It is prefered if you post an art piece or ref sheet of your fursona. You can rp with others here as long as it stays to a simple meetings, greetings, or welcomes! Anything beyond that and you will be asked to start a new topic.
  13. Oof mispelled her name. It's actually Allsta
  14. New semi-open species came out about a week ago. I finished mine yesterday and It got approved this morning.

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