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  2. for a local solution we might make a small custom mongoose (c web server) build, so we wouldn't need something like PHP local: https://mongoose.ws/documentation/tutorials/device-dashboard/#rest-api https://mongoose.ws/ui-pack/#
  3. Hi, yes I confirm I'm working to add TNFS support to PlusCart, this will allow to PlusCart to connect different TNFS servers as already happen with FujiNet hardware.
  4. Something existing and lightweight is a good start. Would be a shame for the firmware to contain bloatware libraries (onedrive) for something commercial and potentially changing often. I do like the sound of the TNFS share.
  5. Yes this would be an easy solution. Multiple servers in different continents would improve the loading time if users use the nearest server. I would prefer to have "certified" public repositories that are somehow connected so users can still share files across servers and features like "Popular ROMs" work across these servers. And of course the community maintained public repository should be the same across these servers (more ROM-Admins?). That is a very interesting idea. As far as I understand your proposal we would split the public area and the private area, so the users could have their private ROMs on any storage solution they want. e.g. webDAV, FTP, network drives, or whatever protocol services like dropbox, google drive or onedrive are using. This would complicate sharing ROMs between users (e.g. developers and testers), but maybe we can have a solution were a user is using multiple services at the same time. So at least users can share if they are using the same service and this service has a sharing function between users. We "just" would need connectors to these services in the firmware. This would most likely need larger network libs in the firmware than the simple HTTP/1.0 parser we are using currently. As far as I know the FujiNet devices are using TNFS. Maybe @gtortone is already adding support for this to his PlusCart FuijNet Pi-Pico port?
  6. Aha, thank you I was wondering about that port! So we just unplug the wireless modem temporarily to access it? The SD card version of the PlusCart seems redundant with the Flash RAM being so easily accessible.
  7. I've often wondered, is it possible to make PlusCart have a direct link to one's NextCloud drive? Is it hosted on the PlusStore, or is it separate? If so, how about the linking to a onedrive or google drive?
  8. That is very cool! PlusCart can never be orphaned then even without the Server. Where is the usb port on PlusCart?
  9. Yes, with a normal USB-Cable and the STM32CubeProgrammer: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?Manual#offlineROMS
  10. Maybe a good idea to just update the 512K of flashram on the PlusCart with the classic game library and new downloads periodically. This can also help when there is a local trunk out or other service problem. Is it possible to construct a cable to update the flashram?
  11. an option to enter the server IP manually, which can be changed.
  12. Maybe some portable WAMP Stack that serves up a personal Plus Store? I'm just assuming the Plus Store is using web technologies.
  13. On this occasion I would like to collect ideas to avoid future inconveniences for PlusCart and PlusStore users, if services of the PlusStore are down.
  14. Yup one of the many Brazilian PlusCarts. They are mostly making the PlusCart Duo in Brazil. I have seen them on mercado livre before (but not with shipping from Florida). https://lista.mercadolivre.com.br/pluscart#D[A:PlusCart] I am fine with anyone who builds and sells PlusCarts, as long as they are labeled as PlusCarts in some way. It states "Pluscart by W.Stubig" on the label: A little too small for my taste, but what the heck🤷‍♂️ $148 seems to be very expensive at first glance. But if you consider that it most likely had been assembled in Brazil where import taxes for electronic parts are very high. And then it had to be shipped to Florida. This does not leave a large profit margin for the manufacturer. You can't compare it with my price either, as I offer the PlusCart at cost price and even subsidize the whole thing to some extent. I haven't shipped a lot of PlusCarts to Brazil, I guess because of the high import taxes people are better off (and faster) with a local offer. Btw.: Brazil is the country with the most PlusCarts:
  15. I assume this is a pluscartSD? If so it is kinda rude to make your own name for it and charge $150, no? https://www.ebay.com/itm/166555205642
  16. Hi, been a while since last activity in this conversation, but has there been any progress in bringing DPC+ support to the Plus/UnoCart?
  17. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,@Al_Nafuur. This is indeed the problem. I have a 64-character wifi key on my network which I entered via the Wifi Management Portal. I'm not sure why the initial connection was not successful, but I've since connected to a guest network with a simpler key (via the PlusCart UI) and have no issues. I'll debug this a bit further and send the Device Info photo if I can't figure this out -- don't want to monopolize your time if I can avoid it! 🙂 Thanks for your help so far! EDIT: Everything is setup and working now. I have an embarrassing suspicion that I used the wrong password for my wifi network when first configuring the cartridge. Double-checked the password before submitting, and now the cartridge is online via my main network and also connected to the PlusStore.
  18. First the PlusCart needs access to the internet via your WiFi: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?Manual#connect-wifi Then you can connect your device to your PlusStore account: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?Manual#connect-plusstore
  19. It looks like your PlusCart is not connected to the internet. Can you PM me a picture of "Setup" -> "Device Info" of your PlusCart.
  20. Oh, I did try to use my PlusStore username too (sguidi), but the wifi portal page responded with "Connection request for your PlusCart sent, please check your email and confirm". URL is Is this expected? I wonder if my device is having problems connecting to the public internet. The connection info on the portal always shows 0%, but the cartridge doesn't prompt for "wifi-retry" on power-on and shows a varying degree of connection strength. My router also shows an ESP client connected, so it should be working. EDIT: I should note that I created my PlusStore account via https://plusstore.firmaplus.de/index.php/apps/registration/ and not the PlusCart. I wonder if some account-link information is missing from the cartridge's saved state?
  21. You don't need a second email. You can use your PlusStore username.
  22. Indeed, it is. I was able to get a registration email sent to an email address that forwards to my @gmail.com account (it was flagged as spam), and created the PlusStore account with that email address. Now I'm attempting to connect the PlusCart to the PlusStore account via the cartridge's webserver, which appears to need another email validation. I have an old Office 365 email that I may try to reuse if the above won't work.
  23. The email should be sent instantly. But in the last few months, there are recurring problems with sending emails, as gmail has changed its policy towards senders and now refuses to accept some emails. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126#authentication @Steve Guidi is the email you used an gmail or google mail address? SPF and DKIM should be correctly set for the PlusStore mailer. I think I have to discuss this issue with my hosting service.
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