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  2. Hi, been a while since last activity in this conversation, but has there been any progress in bringing DPC+ support to the Plus/UnoCart?
  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,@Al_Nafuur. This is indeed the problem. I have a 64-character wifi key on my network which I entered via the Wifi Management Portal. I'm not sure why the initial connection was not successful, but I've since connected to a guest network with a simpler key (via the PlusCart UI) and have no issues. I'll debug this a bit further and send the Device Info photo if I can't figure this out -- don't want to monopolize your time if I can avoid it! 🙂 Thanks for your help so far! EDIT: Everything is setup and working now. I have an embarrassing suspicion that I used the wrong password for my wifi network when first configuring the cartridge. Double-checked the password before submitting, and now the cartridge is online via my main network and also connected to the PlusStore.
  4. First the PlusCart needs access to the internet via your WiFi: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?Manual#connect-wifi Then you can connect your device to your PlusStore account: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?Manual#connect-plusstore
  5. It looks like your PlusCart is not connected to the internet. Can you PM me a picture of "Setup" -> "Device Info" of your PlusCart.
  6. Oh, I did try to use my PlusStore username too (sguidi), but the wifi portal page responded with "Connection request for your PlusCart sent, please check your email and confirm". URL is Is this expected? I wonder if my device is having problems connecting to the public internet. The connection info on the portal always shows 0%, but the cartridge doesn't prompt for "wifi-retry" on power-on and shows a varying degree of connection strength. My router also shows an ESP client connected, so it should be working. EDIT: I should note that I created my PlusStore account via https://plusstore.firmaplus.de/index.php/apps/registration/ and not the PlusCart. I wonder if some account-link information is missing from the cartridge's saved state?
  7. You don't need a second email. You can use your PlusStore username.
  8. Indeed, it is. I was able to get a registration email sent to an email address that forwards to my @gmail.com account (it was flagged as spam), and created the PlusStore account with that email address. Now I'm attempting to connect the PlusCart to the PlusStore account via the cartridge's webserver, which appears to need another email validation. I have an old Office 365 email that I may try to reuse if the above won't work.
  9. The email should be sent instantly. But in the last few months, there are recurring problems with sending emails, as gmail has changed its policy towards senders and now refuses to accept some emails. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126#authentication @Steve Guidi is the email you used an gmail or google mail address? SPF and DKIM should be correctly set for the PlusStore mailer. I think I have to discuss this issue with my hosting service.
  10. Finally assembled a PlusCart this evening and started to configure it! As part of the setup, I'm trying to create a PlusStore account with my email address. What is the general turn-around time for receiving the validation email? I've registered my email address twice via the admin page (PlusCart in web-server setup mode), and twice via https://plusstore.firmaplus.de/index.php/apps/registration/. No validation email yet . I'm going to bed soon, so I'll check and/or try again in the morning.
  11. Thanks I forgot where it was! I was using recently played ROMs, popular ROMs and new releases and thought it was above those.
  12. 👍 It hasn't been moved, it should be still this menu here: Public ROMs/PlusROMs/High Score Club/High Score List.txt
  13. Thumb code looks cool, it reminds me of the 6809 where you had the option of writing 16 bit asm or splitting 16-bit registers into two 8-bit registers for faster 8-bit ops.
  14. I haven't logged on it a while and just tried the new release and some new and classic game and demo releases. I noticed the High Score page is no longer visible in the menu. Is it deleted from the build or moved to a submenu?
  15. New public version v2.3.17 in PlusStore. Disable exit function with file name key/extension ".noexit" The new firmware file is bigger than 112 KiB, so only PlusCarts with firmware version v2.3.1 and higher can update directly to v2.3.17 (all others will have to do 2 updates in a row).
  16. sorry for the late reply Al_Nafuur. Should be done now.
  17. @MarcoJ, @ZackAttack I have created a new pull request for the exit function disabling wit filename key: https://github.com/Al-Nafuur/United-Carts-of-Atari/pull/4 We need a review from one of you to merge it.
  18. New draft version v2.3.17 in PlusStore. For all draft users Disable exit function with file name key/extension ".noexit" The new firmware file is bigger than 112 KiB, so only PlusCarts with firmware version v2.3.1 and higher can update directly to v2.3.17 (all others will have to do 2 updates in a row). I have renamed some of the Indy 500 ROMs in the PlusStore to use the key, so they should work now without setting the "Disable Right + Reset Exit" in the setup menu first.
  19. New public version v2.3.16 in PlusStore Switch back to MCU internal clock to support PlusCarts without external clock The new firmware file is bigger than 112 KiB, so only PlusCarts with firmware version v2.3.1 and higher can update directly to v2.3.15 (all others will have to do 2 updates in a row).
  20. needing my help, I'm available. I always try to help people who are having doubts about recording the main firmware or solving problems.
  21. 🤷‍♂️ I haven't heard of @DablioGames for more than a year now. Currently @Capellão is building/selling most of the PlusCarts (Duo) in Brazil. But none of their hardware needs special treatment in the code. The biggest addition in the last firmware release was the ELF lib which added ~20 KiB to the firmware. we might remove my (beta) DPC+ driver from the code, if we manage to wrap the driver into ACE. Since most of the DPC+ games are using custom code (except for Chaotic Grill) they will need a recompile anyway, so we might as well replace the Harmony DPC+ drivers in the ROMs too. Wrapping a custom STM32 CDF(J+) driver into ACE would be the same route without increasing the firmware size. The STM32F4 only has Thumb..
  22. The Harmony cart is using Thumb code to save space. Would this be an option here too? Or is this maybe done already?
  23. I'm not too familiar with this situation. Are you saying the project is bigger than it needs to be due to compatibility with Diablo specific hardware? I looked into this some more and found that adding 7800 support is going to increase the size over 128KB even with the savings from switching to arm based text kernels. For now, it seems the easiest solution is to compile the non-critical functions with -Os instead of -O3. I tried this with a few of the larger files and was able to save a few KB. Eventually we may need to move some stuff out of the firmware, but for now playing with -O at the file level seems to be a viable solution.
  24. I see. But AFAIK that refers to the router setup, not a special router. @Al_Nafuur I did a quick search, found numerous problems, but not a single one seems related to a special router or AP model. Are you aware of such hardware?
  25. For no reason other than that this caution message is on the landing page of https://pluscart.onlineweb.shop Caution:Before you buy a PlusCart or a DIY kit here, make sure that a ESP8266-01s WiFi module, with stock AT-Firmware (v1.7.4.0 !), can connect to the internet via your router's WiFi.
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