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The Corn Thread, The Banana Thread, The Bread Thread, The Cheese Thread, The Beer Thread... A club for discussing about all this!
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  2. Does McCain still make pies? I have no problem to find McCain cakes but I can't find McCain pies.
  3. Worm Quartet version. Timothy Crist recently released a new album of stuffs.
  4. According to this, it's Japanese Screaming Intense Super Sour Plum Candy.
  5. I bought this in the store, not from Japan. I live in Canada. It's written in Japanese. Not a single word in english or french. There're smaller bags contain candy. Actually, it tastes good. I thought selling food in Canada can be written in english and french.
  6. Hello fellow egg-heads; I raise chickens for eggs and starting this year, meat too. I love fresh eggs, so I made this tread. Please share your eggs and chickens. Boiled, fried, crispy, deviled, soup, roasted, or even just an egg with a pretty shell. Got live chickens? Post them.
  7. Pizza Inn ?!?! Where is this? Do you have a photo of the sign/logo? They used to have Pizza Inn here where I grew up in the 70's/80's. Haven't seen one in decades.
  8. I recently bought a cereal Fruity Pebbles in store. The first thing I noted, this cereal is much smaller than I imagined 30 years ago. Or maybe I forgot Pebbles are so tiny.
  9. Yes they are. I just drank two of them.
  10. I love yogurt. I think the only yogurt I don’t like is Greek. Just too damn sour. Those drinkable ones look really tasty though!
  11. I like yogurts. The only yogurt I don't like is natural flavor but I have no problem with peach, strawberry or other flavors.
  12. Speaking of "Weird Al", here's one of his unreleased songs.
  13. This one is specifically for you @frankodragon
  14. Only in China, McDonalds there has a new Spam and Oreo burger. And the sauce isn't the creme in Oreos either.
  15. My favorite are Zapps' Voodoo chips. They are sort of a combination of BBQ, Salt and Vinegar and Dill pickle.
  16. Sour cream 'n onion. My favourite. Yummy!
  17. Figured I'd use this space to note my mad iron bachelor chef concoctions. MAD EXPERIMENT #1 - Tuna Masharolle * Mash stuffing onto plate * Turn breaded fish sticks into mush and put on top of stuffing * Mix up mayo, kale and tuna and put THAT on top of fishstick mush * Cook for 20 minutes inrfrared convection oven RESULTS: Tastes like tuna casserole. Kinda fancy?
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