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A club for fans of various board games (including but not limited to Monopoly :), card games, figure games etc.
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  2. Now Wyrmspan. We barely understand the rules, despite reasonable amount of board gaming experience.
  3. A bit slow start after four hours and two hot dogs, but now we've finished the first game, a round of M.U.L.E.
  4. I'm hanging out with my friend and rest of the board gamers on Saturday for a full day of playing various games. Do you have any plans?
  5. Five players and we were done after 10.5 hours.
  6. Four hours into the game after a late start compensated with some house rules.
  7. Every year around the end of February, my friend organizes a game of Advanced Civilization with whoever is willing to play this time. It will be the 7th time around, after a few cancelled times around the pandemic. We're looking to be 5 or 6 players, the sixth so far is anonymous! My friend posted that the table is set for tomorrow:
  8. I mostly play at boardgamearena.com. There I like playing Backgammon, Rommé and Solo,
  9. Dune received four rounds, of which I didn't participate in either. The rest of us rounded off with Settlers of Catan and Roborally.
  10. And the day is here! We're expecting to be 12 players in groups of 4.
  11. Friend of mine has invited me to a private gaming session at the end of September, which I look forward to. He is expecting exactly 8 players so we can play a number of 4 player games and rotate.
  12. Incredible! Board games are the best way to pass the time... Yesterday (Sunday) with friends, we played WAR, we started at 7pm and ended at dawn. After years without playing WAR it was as good as the first time. And there were some Magic the Gathering games too.
  13. Had my yearly excursion with friends to a cabin in the coast of the Baltic Sea this weekend. A lot of board games involved as usual. Late evenings were spent with party games for the dulled faculties and day time activities involved with more thought consuming affairs. We played: Sleepy time Codenames: Always excellent fun and so tense to sometimes be the one to give clues and see that you have given one that could be linked to the death word. Anomia: This was a new one for me. It's a tense, quick thinking shouting match with a lot of brain freeze moments (at least for me). Was fun for the occasion, don't know how well it would go down unliquidated. King of Tokyo: We played a few vanilla games the first evening and then later few rounds with some expansions thrown in. The evolutions turn the game in to a quicker death match with points being somewhat useless. Moska: The greatest game to be played with a deck of cards for 3-7 players. Everyone is involved every turn in this game of shedding cards. Allows for strategic combos when your cards are aligned just right. Day time Neom: I really like this tile laying Sim City in-a-box game, all though the disasters could have been implemented differently or thrown out completely. San Juan: Also a favorite in our group. Relaxing city building with just a deck of cards. There was the usual sauna, grill and darts also. And a whole lot of beverages.
  14. Oh, I know. Also, I anticipate most of the old SPI, AH, VG titles of yesteryear will see their values fall off a cliff once the older Xers pass on, or just decide to stop collecting. Most of what might have any broad appeal from back then has either been reprinted, or has been stolen by some other more modern design that "scratches the same itch." I wonder if the same thing will happen with GMT games. The really successful games of theirs like Twilight Struggle or C&C: Ancients have such high supply they're 10 a penny, and in another 20, 30 years, is anyone going to want to play Here I Stand, or Paths of Glory, or Empire of the Sun? I have a hard time seeing it, but who knows? Correct, and my feelings about this attitude are well known, but PBEM keeps them a little more accessible than they otherwise would be. Conventions and smaller gatherings work as well, if you plan in advance. Most of the time, anyway. I lost a box of ziplock games I had in a move, some SPIs like Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora, many Victory Point Games things like Zulus on the Ramparts and Astra Titanus. I had a look to see what it would cost to replace all the ones I had in that box and my hair turned white. Damn, how hard could it be to get these reprinted in their original formats? It's a mapsheet, a rules booklet, and one sheet of counters; if there's enough demand that people will pay $100 to play a magazine game, put it back in print, or at least release it as a decent .pdf.
  15. You can still find a good portion of SPI style wargamers - I have a solid collection of them, and get them out on occasion. It's definitely harder to find people willing to play them, but they're around. Having said that, these folio style games came in SPI's magazine and thus are incredibly easy to find at quite low prices. I like to think of it as making art from Pac Man 2600 carts - little harm in destroying something rare but creating something fun. I've considered taking some to the local game shops and asking them if they'd just put them up free of charge, just for some cool art to put in public.
  16. I suppose besides value, it is near impossible to find anyone who wants to play those games these days, when there are many more recent options to choose from?
  17. While I generally agree, I always go out of my way to check availability and rarity before I actually do it. I assure you, nothing that can't easily be found for $20 or less gets put in a frame. (Except for Wellington's Victory - that got put in a huge 2-part piece for my Napoleon themed home office).
  18. Making some new art today from some old strategy games (don't worry, I don't do it with the rare/expensive ones, except for Waterloo, which I put in my office!) Now to find a couple frames....
  19. Just got back from a few hours playing Zombicide: Washington ZC Its a Legacy campaign version of Zombicide - a lot of fun. We did the first two missions. [EDIT] no idea whats happening to the images. Re-uploaded
  20. It's great. We love just having a good time collecting the birds we want vs. actually trying to win the game. I've played it with a huge spectrum of friends, everywhere from the "game breaking for maximum points is fun" hardcore math players to the "ooh pretty colors" casuals and everyone, even with that mix, has a good time with it. It's one of the few games I can actually just not take seriously and just have fun along the journey.
  21. Nice! I've been meaning to get this one for a long time (+ the european birds for familiar fauna). My wife and I started bird watching a few years back and this would be a great companion to the real world activity.
  22. Two matches - won the first 71-54, second we tied at 73 (I won by virtue of having the most unused food, but we just call it a tie whenever there's a tie).
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