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  • Jul 01

    Carina BBS is released (observed)

    An ad for the Carina BBS software created by Jerry Horanoff appears on page 36 of the July 1986 issue of Antic magazine (Volume 5 Number 3). It retailed for $69.95, which included tax and shipping.   Prior to its general release, the BBS software was used by a few BBSs in Florida, according to the August 16, 1986 issue of Z*Magazine. An early version of the Carina BBS documentation lists

  • Jun 01

    FidoNet is officially released

    Tom Jennings, creator of FidoNet, officially releases the FidoNet software this month in 1984. Soon after its release, dozens of BBSs would use it to link message bases and email via late night modem to modem communication.   FidoNet would eventually grow into a worldwide network of BBSs that's still in use today. At its peak, in 1996, FidoNet had approximately 39,000 participating syste

  • Jun 01

    AMIS BBS is released (observed)

    AMIS stands for Atari Message Information System. It's one of the earliest bulletin board programs for the Atari (8-bit) computer.    The exact release date of AMIS is unknown, however, the June 1982 issue of Antic Magazine (Volume 1, number 2, page 25) reports that the Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts (MACE) have developed a bulletin board program for the Atari (8-bit) computer. Anti

  • Jun 13

    Carina II BBS software is released (observed)

    On or around this day, June 13th, in 1988, the Carina II BBS software is released according to an early review in the June 13, 1988 #110 issue of Z*Magazine.  Another announcement for Carina II appeared on page 8 of the December 1988 #67 issue of Analog magazine.  This BBS software, for the Atari XL/XE and written by Jerry Horanoff, is the sequel to the original Carina BBS software that was releas

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