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Wanted! Old Classic Gaming Magazines!

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I am looking for any old classic gaming magazines (Electronic Games, Joystick, Antic, ANALOG, etc.) that have any Atari-related content in them. In particular, I am looking for any ads for Atari-related hardware and software. Thus far, I have been able to secure the following Electronic Games for my scanning pleasure:


March 1982

May 1982

July 1982

September 1982

October 1982

November 1982

December 1982

January 1983

February 1983

March 1983

April 1983

May 1983

August 1983

1983 Buyers Guide


If you have any Electronic Games issues not listed above, or any other magazines that have Atari-related ads in them, and would consider letting me borrow them please send me mail at albert@atariage.com. I will gladly pay for shipping in both directions and will handle anything loaned to me with great care.





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Al -- Where will the scans be posted when you're done? Just curious. Will there be a Classic Publications option on the left-hand menu, maybe?


I'm not scanning any editorial content from the magazines, just ads at this point. I would want to get permission from whoever owns the rights to the magazines before attempting something like that. Although we do have complete scans of "Atari Age" magazine that we'd like to put online.


I don't think anyone will care about ads, though. I don't want to reveal too many details about how the ads I'm scanning will be linked into the system, except to say it'll be pretty damn cool when it's done. :)



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