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FB2 Rev. C Won't Play Built-In Games

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I just completed the cartridge port hack on my Rev. C FB2 console using the DPDT switch method. To my delight, I can play cartridges just fine. However, I cannot get the built-in games to run. Powering on the machine with the switch in "normal mode" yields results similar to powering on a 2600 with no cartridge. Sometimes a black screen, sometimes solid tones, sometimes strange patterns, etc.


Being the incredibly thorough person that I am, I didn't bother to test the unit prior to performing the cartridge mod. So, it is possible that that the EEPROM or whatever was DOA. A more probable scenario is that I inadvertantly melted a solder joint when performing the cartridge mod or otherwise destroyed something.


Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated (i.e. where voltages should be present).




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Thanks for the suggestions. I've checked the switch about a dozen times and it seemed to be correct. Just to be sure I removed the switch and crossed the wires by-hand with the same results.


I've attatched Kokovec's Rev. C board pic and indicated where I am making my connections. Red dots are where the switch is attatched to, black dots represent the solder pads that I accidentally pulled up.


Initially I was concerned about C16, thinking the heat from (de)soldering at J9 had damaged the joint. While repositioning the wires to get a good angle of attack at C16, I lifted the right solder pad of J9. I resoldered C16 and attatched the switch wire to the right connection, as shown.


Once I get back to school I can have a go at it with a logic analyzer to see if there's any activity at all.




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The two pads I pulled up didn't seem to be a big deal. 24 is ground and there are plenty of other places to pick that up. The other trace I lifted, the right side of J9, looked to be connected to the right side of C16.



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