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NES High Score Club 2nd Season Week #1 - Super Mario Bros. 3


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Thanks. :D It's actually really not a grind for me except maybe 1 or 2 stages where I use a cloud. I've beaten this game without warping so many times and really it never gets old! This game just rocks...:) I think someday I might try to see how high of a score I can get by leaching and warping backwards...Should be interesting! It'll take forever though... :/

Well, the easiest way to get an essentially infinite score is one of the (at least?) two places where you can get unlimited extra lives, 3-9 (I think) and the castle in pipe world, world 6 I think.

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I was extra visiting my parents this weekend to bring home my SMB3 cartridge, only to find it's no longer working. Even worse, I don't find the flask with the Isopropyl Alcohol, so I can't try a resurection. Ah well... another try in Nestopia...

Have you tried Windex? Alchohol can actually leave residue on the contacts and make it even worse.

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