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Atari Flashback 2.0 Adventure walkthru or help catching BIRD w bridge then?

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NOW how do i enshure the bird comes w the bridge does a/b buttons do anything I sent the warrenty card in . I love adventure 2.0 its cool hard but cool if someone could give some hints but not to many.

I assume going at a angle from once screen from the left and up to the right to the next screen like snoopy red baron flying makes the bird come but I dont know where to use the bridge.

also witch pins could you use to run the flashback module w the games to modify them. or mabie make youre own or on FB3 just have a compact flash module plug. this way you know what you want to play or if you dont have roms you just use it to SAVE STATE .

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It's a bat instead of a bird. I think the logic for the bat appearing is somewhat random.


Bridge- couldn't tell you. Someone should post a walkthru like the one here for Adventure:


In order to write your own games for the Flashback 2, you'll probably want to wait until the Flashback 2 portable comes out. According to the current specs it will have audio/video out and will have the ability to load games via USB. This means that you could use one of the tools listed on this page to write games and them load them on it. I'd suggest Batari Basic, because it is a good way to get started quickly:



For now you could use Stella or a similar emulator to test out any games you write:



If you are really hardcore about getting a real system together to load old roms, you could buy an old Atari 2600 and get a Cuttle Cart, a26 Maxicart, KrokoCart (Krokodile Cart) or SuperCharger (I haven't used any of them personally though). From what I've read the Cuttle Cart and Supercharger don't work with the existing Flashback 2. I just read a thread about dumping FB2 roms using a Maxicart, but I didn't see any info on whether the the Maxicart or the Krokocart work for Flashback 2.


I think most folks are just waiting on the FB2 portable to come out, because...

* It will store a lot of games

* It will be USB compatible and easy to load new or old games

* It will cost a lot less time and money to play old games and homebrews than it would be to buy an old 2600 and one of the older solutions

* Buying from Atari/Infogrames will benefit us by allowing them to develop more Flashback products (like the FB3)


Good luck.

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