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My next project.


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Another candidate for what I shall work on next is this thing called Argh!. I kinda gave up on Ball because the jumping scheme wasn't perfect (and I'm a perfectionist.) This is kinda like Chip's Challenge, except there's no chips and the goal is to get to the door while avoiding the enemy. This only has one level and I haven't programmed any SFX or music yet. So, whaddya'll think?



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I like the concept for this game, it could have some potential if you put some time into it. I played around a little bit just pushing the joystick around on level 2 and eventually the player character appeared in the upper left corner, outside of the defined playfield. If you reverse the order in which the levels appear, the character will appear correctly on level 2 and not on level 1.


It looks like you may need to redefine the player1 x & y values when you jump to the next level. I had a hard time following exactly what you were doing in your code, but that's the first thing I'd look at.




change this:

 if level=1 then c=30 : d=62 : goto level_one_details 
if level=2  then c=30 : d=62 : goto level_two_details

to this:

 if level=2  then c=30 : d=62 : goto level_one_details 
if level=1  then c=30 : d=62 : goto level_two_details

to see what I was talking about.

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OK, different direction. This one is like the last one and it's called Stickman. I can't use no_blank_lines because I need all the missiles, players and the ball, so it's kinda ugly. The object of each level is to put the stick in your hands to fill up the line at the end all while avoiding Stickdog. The time limit uses the status bar, and I've put in the life counter as well (so it uses pretty much everything! ;))




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