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Yep, batari Basic is really great! I also wouldn't have believed something like it would be possible a few years ago! And now there are already 2 bB games released on Cartridge (Solar Plexus and Phantom II/Pirate) with more to come, not to forget all those other nice games that just exist as .Bin files....


Now if only I'd get off my butt and learn a little more and not give up as easy.


I know what you're talking about, i'm too lazy to make a game myself... :)

I downloaded bB 1.0, printed out the instructions and read it about halfway through. Then i compiled the included samples...

and ended up playing Zombie Chase...

But i'm slowly making progress now, i already have a movable sprite, a playfield and collision detection. :D


So i wouldn't give up on making your own bB game, it isn't that hard to learn and you'll find enough people here who can help you when you're stuck.

It's just a matter of finally overcoming the lazyness and just do it i guess.

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Designing Solar Plexus was a lot of fun, and helped keep my mind occupied while dealing with a rough spot in my life. I really ought to try my hand at Batari BASIC again now that I've got the free time for it. bB has greatly improved over the last two years, and my experience with it has taught me a lot about game design, leading me to believe that my next project would be better than my last one.



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