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HELP! batari not working on XP!


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I'm trying to get batari BASIC to work on XP.When I open the folder most programs I try to open just pop up real fast and dissapear.Only a few of the programs work in it(i.e. Optimize).If anyone can help that would be great!



Cody :)


Hi Cody,


batariBasic is a command line application, you'll need to run it from a command prompt window. A good place to start is with the 3 tutorial sessions written by SeaGtGruff, located here:







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Thank you for the help but what I mean is that the command prompt will show for about a second and then dissapear.Is there any way to fix it?


You need to launch the command prompt before you start bB. Go to Start | Run, and type cmd. That will open a command prompt window. Now change to the batari Basic directory that you downloaded it to, like cd\bbasic (or whereever you put it), and you then can compile your code by typing 2600bas yourcode.bas. If you launch 2600bas.bat from windows explorer, it will just flash on the screen for a second and close, because it's expecting command line parameters.



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Is there any way that you can change it to where Windows will run Basic?


Download 2600 IDE from:




Once set-up, it's really easy to use. I've used it to make every game featured on my website thus-far.

I would recommend it to anyone using batari Basic.


I hope that helps. :)

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Has anyone ever tried to simply drag a .bas file on top of the 2600bas.bat file? Of course it won't work unless the path and bB environment variable are properly set in Windows, not DOS. This certainly isn't the best way to use the compiler but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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