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While taking a break from Halloween Havoc, I tried to make an Adventure-styled world. But I've run into a bit of a snag because it won't recognize rooms 7-9 as actual rooms (see code), even though they have exactly the same coding as the other rooms. Why is this? Here's a map of the world (it's a small world, after all)


b equalling 1 or 2 is for programming purposes.


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it won't recognize rooms 7-9

There were two problems:


(1) b wasn't always being set to 1 or 2 whenever you switched areas, and


(2) the order of some of the ifs caused a to be updated more than once.


A simple way to fix (2) would be to just add a goto at the end of each if to jump over the other ifs, but I was able to correct it by just rearranging them a bit.





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OK, now suppose I want player0 to appear in a random room. I tried this:


if c=0 then goto decide_c
if c>10 then goto decide_c
if c=1 then goto decide_d
if c=2 then d=1 : goto main
if c=3 then d=1 : goto main
if c=4 then d=2 : goto main
if c=5 then d=2 : goto main
if c=6 then goto decide_d
if c=7 then d=1 : goto main
if c=8 then d=2 : goto main
if c=9 then goto decide_d
goto main

if d>128 then d=1
if d<=128 then d=2



and then put

if a=c && b=d then player0x=e : player0y=f (e and f are two values I determined

at the start of the game)

but if it appeared at all, it would only be in a few of them. What am I doing


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I figured out that problem. :dunce: I shouldn't be thinking when it's too hot. But now I have a new problem: Mr. Enemy Block is showing up at the top when he's supposed to be in the center of the screen. I think the problem lies in the get_g part. I think I got confused because there's no drawscreen and I'm trying to get a sprite to appear, and well, here.


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