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JagCode 500 - Jungle Jag / Martian Attack DVD insert


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  • 2 months later...
Just watched Jungle Jag on Youtube and it looks awesome!


This is another step to getting me to buy myself a JagCD!


How many levels does Jungle Jag have anyway?


Is this a free download too? wow!


If you have Protector SE you can upload it via BJL


Huh? BJL? Sorry... as I said in another thread... I'm more of a gamer and love the Jag but I don't know much about uploading etc with it. This does interest me though... if I were to buy Protector SE (Which by the way, has just skyrocketed up the 'must-have' chart!) I can download Jag games on the PC and transfer them to the Jag?


Please... tell me more! :)

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Thanks! So all I need to do is get a cable and a Protector SE and I'm set... there are other titles I've wanted to play so this will be better than making CD's for them at this time. (As I don't have a JagCD)


I now have my next purchase planned out. Thanks for the help!

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Parallel cable, Protector SE, and a BJL adapter.

Or if you don't have a parallel cable (for some reason) but happen to have one of the "jag controller extension cables" you can use that in lieu of the parallel cable. That's what I did -- for the life of me I couldn't find a parallel cable, but I probably have 10 boxed away somewhere. In any case, yeah, it's super easy.

As JagChris would say, it's a good idea to run the transfer software from Windows 95 or 98, though.

Personally, I've got a version of it to run under win xp (I think someone from jagware made it) but I luckily now have a laptop with 98 on it, so I don't have to worry about compatibility any more.

I guess if all you want to do is BJL and no other development type stuff, then xp can work for you, but if you have something with 95 or 98 on it, use that instead.

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