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Atari Flashback 3 Specs

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Here is everything so far compiled from Curt about the FB3 in earlier posts. According to a recent post the FB3 is replacing the FB2 portable project and is slated for Spring '08. Curt said in post here http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...00#entry1339391


"We are looking now at a Spring 08' launch timeframe. On the plus side, what was being developed for 08' as an advanced follow-up system has been moved up to the front burner and is being worked on now in place of the original FBP design... No details will be given/shown until after the New Year."


FB3 Info directly from Curt's previous posts:

From thread here: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=74783


Yes.... there WILL be a cartridge slot... sorta

No need to solder, a cart port will be included, electrically compatible with a particular system, but in a different physical layout/formfactor

FB3 Carts would have full games, not some lame (here's the rest of your game) upgrade like Jakks.


"Will it use the same hardware as FB2?" (No, it will be a) Different platform...


I know, I know... just can't give out too much right now, heck the hardware wont even exist in proto form till about Jan-Feb, so we're getting a little ahead of things, but I think everyone is on the right track and I think you'll be pleased with some of the solutions to some age old previous console shortcomings that will be put into the new design on the next console, and this will be a console and not a TV plug and play, this unit will actually come with its games off-board on a card, which means that "More Games, More Fun" certainly will be the slogan to go with on the next Flashback.


Atari released the Atari 8bit chipset into PD (Public Domain) for me several years ago, so any FB3 project at this point could very well turn into a PD or individual released project/product ;)


800 computer in a 5200 case

function keys/buttons along under the silver strip for pause, select, keypad, etc...

FB2 joystick usage

Front SD card slot acting as D1:

edge connector inside on board to solder an 800 cart connector to for legacy cartridge usage.

Built in SIO2PC connection port for transferring to/from console

footprint for SIO connector to be added

footprint for ps/2 keyboard connector

footprint for vga out

Composite out


Games included would've come on an SDcard


That was what was being shot for, much of the VHDL work on several of the chips went through first pass work and I have in fact tapped a few people from the community to help on the completion of the chipset and need to send out appropriate chip schem's on the 800 for some additional work to be done.

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