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What is the most you would pay for a FB2 portable if it were available?

FB2 portable price question  

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  1. 1. What is the maximum you would pay for an FB2 portable?

    • $39.95
    • $49.95
    • $59.95
    • $69.95
    • $79.95
    • $89.95
    • $99.95
    • $100-125
    • $125-150
    • $150-175
    • $175-200
    • $200-250
    • $250-300
    • $300+

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Since the $39.95 FB2 portable project is no longer in the works for the general market, what if Atari were decide to produce it in much lower quantities and sell it on a geek toy site such as Thinkgeek, etc.? I guess you could also apply this question to Curt's proposed sale of one or more prototypes on eBay.


If you're interested in specs/picture: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=110146

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As much as I'd LOVE a portable Atari system, I would HATE for this to ONLY happen at crazy-ass Battlesphere auction prices, demanding Heckendorn-level custom built fees. It should be a mass-produced item with a price tag to match. Speaking for myself, I'd rather it didn't happen at all than have it be something only for the rich kids.


If it's created in limited quantities, I'd be willing to go up to $60 to have one, but anything beyond that bumps against the price of a older but more versatile PDA like the Tapwave Zodiac or the Dell Axim X5, either of which could run VCS games acceptably well in (gasp, shudder) emulation.


This looks like a wonderful toy but I'm unwilling to send the message that I'd sell a kidney to have one. Before paying a $300 bounty I'd consider hacking up a cheap LCD screen and transplanting a FB2 board in it myself. I just bought Ben Heck's "Hacking Videogame Consoles" book for $4.00, and there are plenty more on Ebay and Amazon at that price. I'm not going to be a lemming collector for something like this -- nor am I willing to send the message that others should be, either.

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how about we get it released instead of a another useless topic


You don't have to look at the poll or even post to it if you don't want to. How about a positive comment for a change, werejag?


as soon as Atari sends me a fb2 portable, ill be positive. go make that happen, ok


i'm willing to pay a little more for this fb2 portable if i must but with each new day of delay, the amount I'm willing to pay goes down. come end of the year the price ill pay goes below the $39.95 estimate.

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