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GoSub 2


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new maze (level 9)

starts at level 9. What used to be level 9 is now level 10.



left difficulty switch used to determine whether sub bounces off walls or keeps ramming into them.

left difficulty A sub bounces off walls

left difficulty B sub keeps ramming into walls



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When you selected the mini-game from the title screen with the octopus and fish on it, they stayed in the mini-game. This has now been fixed. I also added noise for shooting and noise for hitting something in the main game. Tell me what you think of the noises.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Another updated version. I changed the maze again (it's very difficult to design new mazes that aren't mimicking previous ones. This one kind of is, but with one main difference.) Level starts on level 1. Here's some more stuff I changed/added:


-bullet stops once enemy is hit.

-bullet now goes to the right edge of the screen a little bit past the exit (like the left side)

-changed 2 levels very minorly to include Atari Fuji logo.

-added a code at game over screen (if you press right and then reset, you leave off on the level you died at instead of starting over again on level 1.)


I have about 800 bytes left in bank 4, so I should be able to have room for 21 levels.



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Again, this is turning out quite well. Any chance you might be able to "fade" the enemies into the background as was done in the original Gosub? That could (theoretically) allow more enemies by freeing up player sprites while the player sprite for a given enemy is inactive (i.e. "faded"). Just a suggestion.


Still though, I see your programming abilities are improving (as are mine) and "Gosub 2" would make a pretty good sequel. :D


--Dragnerok X

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The game now uses the Superchip (for now.) In order for me to use it, though, I had to get rid of the fish. So now, we're just down to the octopus. Here's a binary file, although most of it is messed up because I just started using the Superchip. So that means redesigning the levels. Using the Superchip now gives me the freedom to keep the 22 (or however many rows I want) of pfblocks *and* not having it be mirrored, so redesigning the levels will be a lot easier. The only level playable is level 1; after that, it spazzes out. :)




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Here are pics for the first two levels. I have to recode the minigame from scratch since I broke it somehow when converting it to Superchip. :x This is going well, all I have to do is figure out how to make it bounce back when it hits a wall. The screens are now at 16 pfblocks wide (15 plus 1 hidden, I guess.) Here are pictures for the first two redesigned levels. I'll put the fish back in flicker (since I'm not using the multisprite kernel any more.)



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New version.



-when you die in the main game, there's no sound. Help!


Still Left To Do:

-Make sub bump and go opposite way option in mini-game.

-Design a whole bunch of mazes



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