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Super Burnout : The 3rd cheat (re)dicovered Today !


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After 12 years, we can announce that the third and ultimate unknown cheat of SuperBurnout has been redicovered !


Orion_ , one of the more active member of Jagware ( remember Jungle Jag ) had found the tips "Move to the head of the pack" !


Enter 8,2,6,9 during the title screen , a sound confirms (like the 2 others tips ) , then during gameplay press 8 !


Congratulation !


Thanks to Orion_

Thanks to SCPCD

Thanks to Jagware ;)





note : The fourth cheat is the "display mode" one, but has been the third one to be discovered. The "move to the head of the pack" was known long before but nobody knew how to use it ( aka Clay Haliwell of Jagu-Dome ).

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Just after turn on the jag, you press A+C then :


- On a NTSC Jaguar : a screen with the number and date of the ultimate version (2.97) appear and that's all !


- On a PAL Jaguar : the screen appear, but the game is now in a "60hz PAL mode" so 20% faster !





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