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Sprite reuse question

Fort Apocalypse

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Hoping someone might have a suggestion. I am working on a game, Insane Painter, in which the ball is being used, missile0 is being used to get rid of playfield empty lines, missile1 is being used (like a ball), and player0 and player1 sprites are being used as enemies. So since the game was about "painting" the playfield, I was just flickering part of the playfield to indicate the two "good guy" players, but I'd like to use player sprites in place of them if possible to do this and still retain the two "bad guy" player sprites that appear later in the game.



* I don't think I can use the multisprite kernel because the playfield can't be mirrored in this game.

* I think collision detection will need to be separate for each "good guy" player, and will need collision detection to know when each of the two "good guy" players has been hit by ball, missile1, or either of the two enemies (which are currently player0 and player1).


Any ideas for how I might be able to utilize sprites for both good guy players and bad guy sprites and still be able to handle collisions between the two?



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