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Problem with player sprite direction

Fort Apocalypse

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Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong that is causing the player sprite to go nuts instead of using the direction I give it? It is almost like the cars are possessed. and unfortunately the game is not "Christine".





Note the balls at the bottom are the direction (I'm dividing the direction to get the value to use for the number 1-16 player definition to use for each car)

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I've read through the code and all I got from it was a headache. I can sort of follow it, but it seems to me that there would be a much, much easier way to go about it. Sorry I can't be any help, but honestly I never would have gotten as far as you have.


I fixed the problem. I was doing some messed up stuff in player definition.


I was afraid that my code sucked. Now I know. :)


I had started to add comments in the code, but then the code got so long, and it was easier for me to read it when it was short. If I didn't have to use temp variables for everything (if I had more vars) it might be easier to read. I should also just use dim to alias the temps to make it more straightforward, but I'd be afraid I or someone else might think that those vars actually store something that isn't temporary.


Please let me know how I can better write it to make more sense.

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I like the way you've written it, it's very clean and well done. It's just over my head. I'm way over trying to fit stuff into 4k and the standard kernel, so my usual suggestion will probably be to use bankswitching and the superchip. Those extra 40+ variables sure make things a lot more interesting. Plus then you get a whole extra bank for level designs and whatever else.

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Your code doesn't suck...but the lack of definitions for the temp variables also left me with a headache... and you'll be getting a killer migraine if you return to this project six months from now...


Comment and do the dim-ing with the temp prefix as suggested earlier... It will not only help you, it will help us significantly when we assist you with the coding...


I am especially interested in how you determine the deltas for X and Y based on direction, but again... I needed to take a break 'cos without a scorecard, it was just getting too lost with all the temp variables...


Other than that, you've done a good job.. nice use of gosubs to make more structured code... and the game runs... I'm still having trouble driving the car, but at least I can actually influence its direction now! ;)





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I'm still having trouble driving the car, but at least I can actually influence its direction now! ;)








Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely make sure I go back and add in some more dims and comments like you said.


Let me know how you'd like the driving action to change (if you think it should react faster, etc.) and it would be totally awesome if you could try it out with real paddles and let me know (unless you just did- in that case I want to know every detail!).

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