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Strange things on ebay. With watch items.


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Today a very strange things happen by me on ebay. I have click by one item on watch this item after that, he tell me that I watch now 21 items. But you can only watch 20. So normally he must tell me, that I already watch 20 items and must first delete one.


So I log in and see how much I watch. But then I can see only 16 items. So he lie and tell me now everytime 6 items more.


Now I watch 13 items, and he tell me that I watch 19.


Someone else has such problems?


:? :? :?

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That have I not know with 30 items.


Strange was too now. After I login in ebay.com, I have see that I watch 8 items. (I have now delete some for test).


But after I click on one from the 8 items ebay.com tell me that I watch 28 items. :o

Thats a bit to much I think. I watch only 8.

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Not every page on ebay is real-time dynamic content.


The search results pages, for example, are only updated every 2 minutes or so. Sometimes you will see an Atari ending in 10 min on a search page for $20. Then you click on the item, which is displayed in real-time, and the high bid is $45.


I suspect that your confusion with watch list items results from a similar situation. Go to your MyEbay page and that should be your up-to-date, real-time watch list.

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No, I think this must be an other problem. This is the first time I have this. And its now since hours.


And if I watch a new iten, or delete some old it is wrong again. Everytime 6 items more then I watch. Will now wait what ebay tell me. Maybe this is only a problem for some days. :?


But if this is the only problem from ebay, then I can live with it. ;)

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heh i just noticed something in my watched list


Ok i had 10 items i was watching then i went though my search items to look for new listings and when i found a few i would add them and it would say "you are watching 17 items" when the next page shows up after you click on the watch this item button, but when i got to my watched list it says 11 of 30 watched items

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