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King Asmo shouldn't complain about anything annoying

Joystick Jolter

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King Asmo,

I don't post too much, but I have seen you post a

few complaints on the boards. Now I know posting about

a fraud is FINE, but you shouldn't complain about others

when your website has to rank as one of the top ranked

sites when it comes to ABUSE!!!!! You have 3 or

4 pop-ups everytime a visitor hits the site. I'll be honest

to you I clicked off the site immediately. And I know that

many others do the same. Pop Ups are one of if not the

largest abuse being used online. One is acceptable, but

still annoying, but when you get to 3 and more it is just

absolute ABUSE to your viewer. I hope you take this in

the proper way. If you want to have a web site, do it

right. If you owned a store would you have 3 or 4 sales

people attack every customer. Most would just walk out

on you as I am sure many of your visitors do. I'm sorry

if this annoys you, but I figured since you can complain

about things that bother you I'd just let you know that

NONE OF US IS PERFECT. Some people make mistakes

and others are not as well versed in a subject as others.

Good Health and Good Luck in all your endeavors.



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Try pop-up stopper. It stops all those annoying pop-ups. As for King Asmo's site, I believe that it is free to get a page there and in order to get a free page, you have to agree to those pop-up's. That's how the site can offer the free page. So, I think actually it's not King Asmo's choice to have those pop-ups. I'm sure if he had the choice, he wouldn't have them. On my page, I mostly have only one pop-up appear, through no choice of mine, but the pop-up stopper stops it.


BTW, King, I don't mean to be putting words in your mouth here, so please accept my apologies if I offend. :)

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Wow.. thanks for reaming me out in public before contacting me first in private. That's real class.


I didn't place *any* of those pop-ups on my site. Not one. And I don't make a cent off any of those ads.


Pretty much any free service provider, whether it be 20 Megs Free (which I use), GeoCities, Yahoo, etc. places these adds on. Anyone who has spent any time on the internet knows that. I agree it's incredibly annoying, but my site doesn't generate the traffic necessary for me to justify having a pay-for-service provider. My site is mainly for trading, tho I do sales through it as well.. but it's just a hobby. I'm not making any *real* money from it.


And comparing me to a fraud artist is just idiotic and inflmmatory.


In the future, if you have a complaint with my site or my service, please have the common decency to say it to be first, before you air any of your complaints in public.



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I consider King Asmo to be one of the top 5 people here when it comes to

1. Atari Knowledge

2. General Knowledge

3. Being able to convince others to see things they wouldnt see

4. General kindness

5. Cool avaatar :)


I dotn see why you are messing with him, you cant magically control popups on a free server, thats impossible.


KA, check your mail, k?

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Anyone who blames the site owner for pop-ups when the site is hosted with a free service is clueless. Don't listen to them.


However, I think you should check with your ISP... most ISPs offer about 5 MB of free space to their users (or at least did, back when I worked at one) with no pop-up ads. If you're with one of the behemoth ISPs, maybe you should consider switching to a smaller local ISP. They're usually a lot easier to deal with and will give you better service and features like free hosting for a small non-commercial site with your dial-up or DSL service.


Then again, I really shouldn't talk... I get all of my hosting free from the ISP I used to work for. (Thanks, guys!)

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That's good advice.. to be honest, I don't know if my ISP (the one I use in Canada) gives you personal webspace when you sign up. I imagine they do... I've never been one to really examine the fine print. :)


Are there any Bell Sympatico high speed edition users out there who would know?





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I do not put much stock in Joystick Jolter opinion as I

have found out first hand his word and promisees are

worthless, he promised me on three separate occasions

to send me documentation on an item I spent over a grand

for, I finally just gave up.



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I think I owe you an apology. I should have as you said,

emailed you directly rather than post a public message. You

are obviously right. To do this publicly is wrong and not really

my style either. I had just had a bad experience the day before

with pop ups locking up my computer and I had lost quite a bit

of unsaved work I had been doing. So PLEASE accept my

apology to you. For information sake I have listed a couple of

really cheap web hosting companies for you, if you are interested:


50 Megs for $5.00



30 Megs plus Free Domain name



500 Megs for $5.75




Thank you and I'm Sorry,


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