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5200 Doom


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The last few days in the Stella forum we have been discussing a 5k version of Javascript Wolfenstein.. I tried making it for 2600, and found out that it was just a little much for the thing to handle (at 60 fps anyways).. But, along the process, I wanted to make sure the code was working , so I transplanted it into my 5200BAS language. Yes, its a quick & dirty hack, and prepare to be underwhelmed by the graphics, but it might be fun to download and laugh at :P


I have 5200 "Doom" up at my website, http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200doom.zip. It has the source, rom, etc.


If you are feeling adventurous and want to pick up the 2600 version it's the same url, 2600doom.zip :) It doesn't actually have a working display yet, just some colored lines to see what the timing was doing.



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Works for me!


Now just slow down the frames a tad...yes slow them down as in Atari800win plus movement is damn near instant. also..add a weapon or two and a few baddies that move around. And the ability to move in some sort of 360 degree movement..and you got at least a decent Wolf3D for the 8-bit...


I have to admit the walls may not look like much...but they are walls..and the overall look has depth to the screen.


Looks pretty good!



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I'm pretty sure it could be ported to those systems. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know how it went!


Some suggestions for those that want to improve the code:

1) Make it stop the flickering by drawing to a non-displayed area of memory then switching the view to that area when the drawing is finished (then etc. back and forth) There is also a bug.. when trying to move forward it will set X=1 even if the move was unsuccessful. This makes it flicker when you run into a wall. If it only sets X=1 when a move was successful, then it won't flicker.

2) Be able to move backwards as well as strafe when holding down the second button.

3) Add the player health, ammo, and face using ANTIC 4 characters. You'll probably want to have a DLI fire just above these lines so you can use a custom color scheme.

4) Copy the cool looking sprite gun from the 2600 Doom pics

5) Make a flicker-style sprite engine to be able to handle creatures/objects (draws some things one frame, but not the next time, etc, unless there are enough sprites for everything).

6) etc ;)


I invite someone to go ahead and try some of these suggestions. The full source code is included in the ZIP, all you need is the 5200BAS compiler and an assembler like TASM or DASM. If you get stuck I will help out where I can (just send me an e-mail or private message on the boards). I want to focus my main programming efforts on finishing 5200 Calamari's Solitaire, though (then Radial Pong! :D)


Have fun!


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Interesting to say the least, though far from complete - The speed is fast now, but adding the AI for enemies, doors, etc... and the 5200 may be sweating a bit for speed -


The KickAss demo for the Atari 800 had an interesting 3d walking perspective in it that many thought could be the basis for a Wolfenstein type game but no one did anything with it.

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