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How Ebay allows these sellers!


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Ok, folks. This is my first real post since I've been back. And of course this is a way to complain and vent my current frustrations of still moving more of my crap from my old apt to my house.


I bought a DVD Sinbad collection from this seller via half.com. With half.com, if you confirm an order, you MUST SHIP within 24 HOURS or first business day. This company absolutely sucks, yet their fb is deceiving if you don't look at it in detail and just see the number after his name.


He does a few things on Ebay, but almost all his business runs from Half.com. He has broken the contract now probably around 2000 times if not more by not following the rule of 24 hour shipping. But since Ebay/half.com is pulling in so much money from this guy, they allow him to keep selling his items. See what money will get you. It doesn't matter that he has 1020 negatives and 765 neutrals currently. Probably should have even more if you read some of the positives this guy got. "late shipment but great item" to paraphrase.


So check him out and judge yourself. Do you think Ebay/Half.com is raking in the dough so much that they will continue to let this guy get away with not following their own rules? One added note, I did file a complaint against this guy back when he had only 500 negatives.





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WOW, that's pretty scary, there was so much red in his feedback I had to leave the page. You're right, it is disgusting that eBay continues to let him sell, but if they do shut him down, he'll just start again with a new account. That's the bad part of eBay, you can't really "shut down" someone's BAD operation; so to speak... :x



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Well from what I understand, this is not a person working from home. It looks to be a real business, probably a store front if not chain. Unless it is a wholesale working from a warehouse. Nonetheless, this is a major operation with the amount of merchandise this person is turning over. And the funniest thing is that this seller doesn't leave any fb for anyone to my knowledge.


Shutting him down may not be as hard, but who cares, let him start from scratch with a 0 fb. Then he may get less buyers. The worst thing Ebay could have done is combine the ratings of half.com and ebay. With half.com, his fb might have been much lower and then people would begin looking at it. When you have a 3.8 of 5.0 fb, people want to know why. When you have 10,000+ fb, most people won't even look at the details.



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I try to avoid the so called "power-sellers" with high feedback numbers well into the thousands. You can be sure this ain't no mom and pop shop, and the customer service (or lack of it) you'll get will probably suck. I don't care how great a deal a seller has, if their feedback is questionable to me (whether they have 1000's or only a few or are a 0 feedback new seller) I look elsewhere to make my purchase.

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