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Fort Apocalypse

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Nice - the display is an odd shape though - on my Medieval Mayhem online page I set it up like this:

<applet archive="jstella_0_8.jar" code="jstella/runner/JStellaApplet.class" height="210" width="320">
<PARAM NAME=ROM VALUE="MedievalMayhem1player.bin">
Your browser doesn't seem to support applets.
<applet archive="jstella_0_8.jar" code="jstella.runner.JStellaOptionsApplet.class" height="35" width="240"> </applet>
<p><table><tr><td align=left>


For a screen twice as big change the first line to have height="420" width="640". I believe the DISPLAYHEIGHT value needs to stay at 210. You'll probably also need to delete the PADDLEMODE line.

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No problem. The waterskier one's pretty cool! Sound effects are a tad annoying though.


I'll check the others later this week, getting ready to head over to some friends for the Super Bowl.


Thanks! Yeah, they each need some work. Titan Diamonds may be the least rough of them (but I'm not totally happy with it, especially the self-destruct stuff).


I tried out Medieval Mayhem. It was awesome! Great job!

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