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CGE Traders - Let's Make Some Deals!


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Well, I've been holding off posting this until my trade lists were updated, (about 99% accurate). Here goes:

In order to pack as efficiently as possible, I need to know what items in my trade lists people are interested in.


Rare stuff: NTSC Master Builder and SwordQuest Waterworld Comic.

Would Like: Waterworld Cartridge, Crazy Climber, Halloween /I, Miner 2049er /I, Mr. Do!'s Castle, Survival Island, Sword of Saros,or Up n' Down /I. I would consider trading each of these for multiple lower rarity items also, as well as combining them to trade up for a higer rarity.


If you go to my home page and look through the lists, I would be glad to bring whatever you might be interested in. I have a bunch of extra manuals also.


Is there anyone that needs carts to reuse for creating a new release? I would be glad to donate common carts for a copy of the final product.


Is there anyone that collects for intellivision, Odessy 2 (SP?), or NES. I don't, but I have some items I need to get rid of. I picked up 3 Odessy carts this weekend with boxes and manuals. I can't remember the names right now,(One was Pick Axe Pete), and the boxes are somewhat mushed. I also have a sealed Intellivision Night Stalker that came in a box of Atari items as well as some NES Manuals.


I'd be glad to look through other people's lists that are attending also.


Looking forward to geeking out in the desert. :wink:

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I have a Tengen Tetris for the NES to bring and Sega Master System 3D glasses, if anyone is interested in. Also a 1040STf w/ megafile 30, mouse, JVC SC1224 monitor and a Tweety Board (not installed). Don't have a DMA cable for the hard drive.


Was going to bring some Vectrex's (UK and US model). But already tied into an agreed upon sale.


Any interest in any above items?

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I posted this on the 2600 forum, but then the thread died. So I'll try here....


I don't want to bring too much stuff, so I'm bringing just a few rares, including: Chuckwagon, Waterworld, Gravitar (silver)/i, Crazy Climber/i, Rubiks/i, Guardian, Dukes, Texas CM, Music Machine, Miner II/i, QBErt Qubes, Atlantis II (a real one), plus a few more.


I also have a Combat cartridge that is labled "Game Lab", which has a chip with dimples - I need some help figuring out if it's anything special.


If you see something you like, my collection list is at bloatedmonkey.com. We can set up a trade beforehand if you'd like.


By the way, I plan on winning big at Blackjack and buying every game at the show. Just letting you all know, so you don't get your hopes up.

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