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avi2mov for cinepak


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Cinepak is a propriatory format of Apple Computers. Quicktime Pro (Mac or Windows)is the only application that can convert a movie clip to computer Cinepak for a Windows PC or Apple Macintosh, in the preparation for further conversion to Jaguar Cinepak, using Jagmods' JagCinePak.exe for Windows or the other original converter Atari used for Macintosh.


I had to pay for Quicktime Pro 7 for Windows - ($30.00 USD), so I can convert videos to PC cinepak, BEFORE I use Jagmod's utility for conversion of the clips to Jaguar Cinepak. :)




EDIT: this is not correct, the Cinepak format was made by Radius and later Supermac, the latter licensed Cinepak to Atari to use on Macintosh computers for Cinepak creation.


Also, I know someone that used Adobe Premire successfully to make a Cinepak Jaguar video. It can make proper .MOV videos for conversion to Jaguar Cinepak Film.

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I confirm that Quick Time allows to convert any recent video to Cinepak.

To do it, chose to convert your video to avi format and then the Cinepak codec is available in a list of codecs.


As said previously it is interessant for people who use a Mac as QuickTime is powerful and easy to use.

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