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OT Wanted: Gobots

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I figured the local, thrift and flea hunting crew might be able to help to some extent here. I'm looking for old Gobots. In good shape, not broken, that sort of thing. Not Transformers because, let's be honest, many of them are worth big bucks right now and I'm not going to pay anywhere close to what you can get on eBay. Gobots on the other hand, besides being my preference anyway, are like dirt cheap. Anybody have some, know where I can get some? Cash or game trade available.

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I think there is a guy at the Raynham flea market that might have some. Also, there is a toy store at the Emerald Square Mall that sells old toys.


Toy Vault is the one in Emerald Square and I do hit them up when we're in the area. If they know what they have, they overcharge for it. If they don't know, then you're definitely in for a bargain. Supposedly they have a second store somewhere too, but I don't know where.

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