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Free Gold NES Legend of Zelda contest


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OK, the contest is simple. I at the moment have a perfect DSR rating on Ebay on all my categories. And I have 62 feedbacks. You're job is to find someone on Ebay who has a higher DSR rating than me. Meaning someone who has 5.0 on all four categories, and with more than 62 feedbacks on all four categories. The first person to find someone with a higher DSR rating and post it here in this thread will get this NES Zelda cart free of charge, and I will ship it out for free as well. I have not tested it but it looks to be in pretty good condition so I would guess that it does work.

Here is my feedback profile if you are confused.



Also if I happen to lose my perfect rating or someone gives me another perfect feedback it does not matter. It is from when I had 62 ratings with perfect feedbacks.


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Found one!!





Edit: o never mind, there is a fraction of a star missing :(

No he does not have a perfect rating on all his stars. Look again. he has a 4.7 on shipping, and no rating higher than 4.9 on any of his four categories. I am looking for someone who has a higher feedback with a perfect 5.0 on all four categories.

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well I give up--spent way too much time on her too. ...enough time to buy about 4 of those...and this was the best I could do. oddly shipping is where he fell to 4.9...but his shipping is free...


if nothing else you've managed to show me how unfair the whole dsr system is. good luck finding the wining ticket everybody.


edit: wow, mine's shot to hell already at only 10 sales since the new system

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Contest is officially over. No one wins. Also I found out recently ebay now only goes up to 12 months in ratings feedback, so it is not over a lifetime but one year. Since this policy started last year some of my DSR's are starting to disappear. This is why I am ending the contest. I think it was ironic I offered up Zelda as a prize since this became a never ending challenge.

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