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Virtual Boy Coding Competition


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I wanted to let you guys know, that the Planet Virtual Boy Coding Competition has started on May 1st.

It will run for exactly 5 months, then a secret PVB community vote will find the winners. Anything running on the Virtual Boy or a Virtual Boy emulator is allowed. Prizes are as follows:


1st: FlashBoy (USB VB flash cart) #100 (Special edition black cartridge) + PVB Shirt

2nd: PVB Shirt + Mario's Tennis (J)

3rd: PVB Shirt


If you are interested, you can find detailed rules and more info in the Competition Forum: http://www.vr32.de/modules/newbb/viewforum...m=8&since=0.


This is the first ever coding competition for the Virtual Boy and in spite of the very small scene, we hope for a lot of participation. Thanks for your time. :)

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Tonight the first Planet Virtual Boy Coding Compeition ended. We got a total of 6 entries -more than one would expect for a VB coding competition- including some real gems! Within the next week, a secret community vote will find the 3 winners, who will get prices like PVB t-shirts and a special edition FlashBoy cartridge.

More Info and downloads at http://www.vr32.de.


Mario VB






Hover Demo



MIDI music player



Mario Kart Virtual Cup



VB Racing


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