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Just tried this out (shh.. I'm at work) and it's pretty good. Would be nice if you could have done the sides of the playfield so they aren't always the same length. Make it look more like rocky/sandy shores.


I agree w/ yuppicide. It would add some additional complexity if the user actually had to navigate through a snaking river. (see attached: Toobin_Shoreline.jpg)


A couple of additional suggestions:


1. Not sure I like how the player stays at the top. I think the player should be able to move down and back, independent of the playfield. Not sure if this is doable, though.


2. You may want to include some random sections that really speed up that are hard to navigate through (very rocky), like rapids. Would keep the player on his/her toes. (see attached: Toobin_Rapids.jpg)


3.Even pushing down, it seems as if the scrolling is too slow. This wouldn't be so bad if the game progressively sped up to make it more challenging.



Overall, however, I like it, and it's a really great start. Can't wait to see more.





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Added a random river generator. I don't know why, but sometimes at the bottom, it changes the river direction after it gets displayed. Anyone know how to fix that? If the guy starts going berserk and ends up on dry land, just press reset. This shouldn't happen very often.



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