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Wanted: FB2 Spare Part

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Anyone got a spare rubber contact thingy that goes under the SELECT/RESET button? My cat ate mine, I think, and now I can't close up the FB2. I tried PMing Curt Vendel and also emailing Legacy Engineering, but haven't heard from either in a while, and I'm just anxious to get this project finally complete.


I'd be happy to send a buck or two for the part and shipping costs to whoever can help me out. It should go fine in an envelope with one stamp, no problem.

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Just go get a old remote control for a TV and snip one off!!! its the rubber thingie its just not CUT TO SIZE also windex it 1st so the cat wont eat it when installing it as windex makes cats run just point bottle at cat\

DONOT SPRAY CAT With wINDEX thanks its pretty easy to steal one of those rubber contact things from a old remote control..

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