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7800 Tanky Tank Tank Commandy Com Com-man-DUH


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Tank command is driving me nuts. You have this listed as a 7. However, I have been able to obtain 8's and 9's for 2600 and Jaguar a dozen times versus, the TWO copies of tank command I have seen available anywhere this year (that I was not able to get). The monitor cart is available at 61 it ain't rare (unless we are talking the original release). Tank Command is the holy grail on 7800 right now, I got Mean 18 after asking once on the wanted board and have seen it a dozen times since. Tank command needs to move up on the charts. Its at least an 8 or 9 in my book.


Since I'm here, I may as well do a quick run down. I will add I have done nothing in my spare time for the last several months than watch like a crazy looney the 7800 stuff available online.


Water Ski is also much more than a 4. At least a 6 now. As for the real 7800 32 - in - 1, I have never seen this for sale. I have a 2600 version in a place holder in my 7800 collection. Alien Brigade was easy to get, Ive seen more than a dozen this year. Ive seen two Diagnostic Test Cartridge, it's not really an 8 is it? Price has been high but the guide isn't a price guide, it's a rarity guide (me thinks some times these mindsets get a bit mixed up). Midnight Mutants needs to be at least a 5, its darn hard to find. Rampage isn't really that hard to get, 5 is too much. Xenophobe isn't a 4, Ive seen no less than 25 of them, and sold six myself from lots purchased (duplicates).


Hope this helps. Comments? Anyone agree or not? PS. I STILL NEED A TANK COMMAND ANY CONDITION!!!

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its been along time since ive completed my 7800 collection, but i think the water ski was lowered if i remember a few years ago because someone had a bunch of them and they always seemed to be on websites and ebay


tank command, Mean 18, and Ikari warriors were the last and hardest for me to get my hands on. back then

people used to say tank command isnt hard to get if you dont mind paying the price. i havent looked for 7800 stuff in along time but they did show up alot back then (i got mine with a manual for $45) now NTSC Mean 18 hardly ever showed up on ebay back then and when i got mne the guy i got it from had 2 of them and i took both and sold one to someone here. i also paid more for Mean 18 than Tank

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Yeah, I got Mean 18 from a forum member for $35. I hadn't been able to touch a Tank Command. In the last 6 months there have been three on eBay. I think they went for $110, 137, and 202. Each time I was sniped out. The $202 was complete, I just can't see paying $100+ for loose. I still don't have it. *sigh* I'm getting a repro to fill the void, but I still want a REAL one.



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