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PAL Vulture Attack rarity?


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I've been digging through all my old games to see if there's anything worth selling (to help fund further retro gaming) and about the only thing I came across that has a chance of being rare is Vulture Attack. The NTSC cart is listed as a 9 here but I can find very little info on the PAL version. The cartridge I have has the odd T shaped end, and looks exactly like the one on the NTSC page. I guess the cart is PAL, because I can't remember buying any NTSC carts and I got all my stuff from the UK. I'll check when I have the time to hook up my 2600 to the TV. Unfortunately the label isn't in the best condition anyway, but I was wondering if anyone knows how rare it is?

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Hi robatari,


You have to be 100% certain about the format of that cart.


If it is indeed PAL, then please check if there's a second label underneath the Vulture Attack label.


If so, then you most probably have this case:



If not, please check if there are any traces of glue on top of the title "Vulture Attack".


If so, then you most probably have this case:



Both cases are PAL Funvision carts and not as rare as the NTSC K-Tel Vision carts.



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