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Missile Command +


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"Missile Command +" is listed on the Kat5200-0.4.1 cart list. The only Missile Command Plus 8-bit I can find is the 2005 hack done by Paul Lee.




Is there a 5200 hack of this floating out there?


If somebody is willing to fix the problems on the original 5200 hardware (I still have no time to fix them) PM me....


- Paul

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I can switch the control to the trackball. Thanks for the heads up. One question though, if you move the trackball in the beginning of any round before it gives you control, you will screw up the "alignment" of the trackball control. Is this something that can be fixed or just have to deal with?



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What's the third button used in lieu of a real Fire Button 3?


There's also the internal-Atari Inc A8 version of Missile Command that also uses 3 bases and 3 buttons. Curt Vendel and Dan Kramer both have copies of it. Don't know if it's been dumped yet; it certainly hasn't been converted/transported to the 5200 yet.

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