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Prototypes missing from database


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I need help in coming up with a list of prototype games that have been discovered in the last year or two that are not in the database yet. Just added a whole slew of homebrew games, and I'd like to get on top of the prototypes. Basically what I need for each game is:


- Game title (like "Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park")

- Binary (or binaries if PAL and NTSC flavors exist)

- Company

- Screenshots (if you want to be as kind as to take some)

- Description (here's an example: http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html...reLabelID=2767)


At minimum I just need the title and binary, or at least a link to where I can grab the game. Anything beyond that (screenshots, description) will make it easier for me to get the games into the database. Ideally if you can add this information to the Tracker, that will make it easier for me to keep tabs on things:







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Well, I'm only interested in prototypes that have been confirmed to exist in some fashion. That is, someone reputable has seen it in action, or (even better), the binary has been dumped and released. Or at least dumped and perhaps some nice screenshots taken. I will look through Matt's site though for any newer additions that I haven't put up here yet.



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