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3-D World Runner - Season 4 Week 9


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From pre-historic skateboarders to Solar System #517! Yes, it's time to play 3-D World Runner!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point. No continues - only games played from the beginning count! Feel free to play with or without the cardboard 3-D glasses! :lol:


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


This week's competition ends in a week on Thursday (October 2nd) at approximately noon PST.



This week's scores:

200,650 LarcenTyler (+10 pts)

113,150 Wickeycolumbus (+8 pts)

32,600 darthkur (+6 pts)

16,150 vdub_bobby (+4 pts)



Twin Galaxies High Scores


999,990 Tom Votava

151,900 Terence O'Neill





1. darkthur (60 pts)

2. Wickeycolumbus (44 pts)

3. LarcenTyler (25 pts)

4. vdub_bobby (20 pts)

4. aikainnet (20 pts)

6. RJ (14 pts)

7. atari2600land (10 pts)

8. Atari5200 (8 pts)

9. Shannon (4 pts)

9. Jibbajaba (4 pts)

9. gdement (4 pts)



Game Info


A NES original, released in 1987 by Square. Well, Acclaim in the US.


Other platforms: None


Prequels/sequels/spinoffs: None.




None yet.

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A quick tip; probably obvious, but - it took me a while until I realized: you only get points for collecting stars!


EDIT: Whoops! That's wrong; sorry.


Here's what I've figured out so far:

Running into green pillars makes items pop out: the little rocket gives you the ability to shoot, the little potion lets you get hit without dying, and the mushroom kills (?) you.


You get points for shooting enemies and collecting stars; the stars don't show up until 1-2. Grab the little white balloon to go to a bonus round.

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What an interesting game. I have never played it before. An obvious Space Harrier clone but with enough unique elements to make it different. I discovered, quite by accident, that you're supposed to run into those solid columns to get the goodies inside, besides the deadly mushroom. How anti-Mario. :D (Guess I should have read the above post which explained all of that.)

This game makes me want to get the 3-D glasses now.



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