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Jag Dev and WinXP

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I have a tutorial on my website for setting up the dev tools on Windows 98. I also have the DOS/Windows dev tools for download on my site also.




For DOSBox it should be similar to what my Video does. Just going from memory I would do this. (No guarantees this will work as I don't really use DOSBox for Jaguar development. I have gone the Linux route mainly and also used Windows 98 under a virtual machine.


I also have a Jaguar test program and Hello World program. Either would be a nice candidate to test your development environment with.


1) Install DOSBox


2) Inside your folder that is going to be your "C" drive for DOSBox create an autoexec.bat file and put in the environmental variables as I show in my video


3) copy the contents of jagdev.zip into a folder called "jaguar" and place it inside your DOSBox "C" drive folder.


4) Put any projects you want to build or work on inside your DOSBox C drive.


5) Run DOSBox and change to your project directory and try to build it.


6) There are a lot of Jaguar development info over on JSII. So you might want to visit there too. I know a couple people on there are using DOSBox for their development. I believe some are using a special version of DOSBox on the web that has been hacked to allow parallel port access. Nice for doing BJL downloads or communicating with an Alpine development board,etc.

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I use Vista Basic, all the jag tools work fine.

XP is a no go for jag tools.


And I imagine that is even an XP using Userport?


As far as development setups go, anyone try the Removers dev tools in the XP environment? Trying to think of the newer Dev tools I've heard of.

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The removers library are not really dev tools. It is a library of routines to help a person write a game. Its a very nice library and Seb should be commended for putting it out there.


You still need Atari's assembler, linker,etc. Seb does have a script to let Unix users build their own GCC targeted for the Atari to run under their OS. It downloads the source code to GCC from the GNU website and then compiles and installs the GCC compiler under their OS.


Maybe Seb will chime in if anyone has used his Library under a Windows dev system.


As for using the dev tools in XP with userport. Userport is only for programs that need the parallel port for communication. So that is wdb/rdbjag for Alpine users, or BJL loaders for BJL users. Even Vista users need userport or a similar program to be able to use parallel port access programs.


XP does not work with the assembler mac, or the linker aln. userport doesn't help with that.


I tried the dev tools on my Vista Home laptop (which now happily runs Linux) and they didn't work for me.

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To be honest after tinkering with XP I'm thinking a dedicated Win 9x machine is the way to go.


Boz got a XP compatible setup going:




I have downloaded it and will be trying to install it in a few. Hey Boz, can development enviroments run in profiles that dont have admin priveliges?

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