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Game Boy Micro Hardware Secrets

Bowser N64

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Yo man, I just bought me a Game Boy Micro. I have been playing around with it awhile, and I was wondering if the device has any secrets? Like... a hidden button combo code to get the screen brighter or sound louder or something? I don't know. Any thing cool?


I don't think so, but get yourself a EFA Linker flash card (20 bucks) and you can run homebrew games and find lots of games that are from Japan or US games that are impossible to find.

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Ah thanks Wario. Maybe I can finally fix that problem of my lost The Urbz: Sims In The City cartridge by running the ROM on the GBA Micro? The Flash linker does that? what sort of memory card do I need to use the linker?


None it has memory on board. You fill it up like an ipod. Here is a link to where you can buy one DX I have the same one, and it works excellent. If you have any questions feel free....



BTW I'm not Wario!!!! I might have a little Yoshi in me though!!!!




PS. Did you ever get your GameShark64 working?

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I prefer the Supercard. It lets you pop in an SD card (the current standard for portable storage), making it very easy to transfer files from your PC to the Game Boy Advance.



I have a supercard as well. The problem with the Supercard is that many games crash, run slow or refuse to run at all with that card. Alot of GBA games run fine, unfortunately many of the best games dont work. I do like the fact I have one SD card with hundreds of GBA games that do work, every original Gameboy game and every NES/SMS game to tote around with me on one SD card, but I like the EFA linker better because it plays everything and doesn't require any complicated saving methods or patching etc...

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Ah. Well, which is best for me to get? Anyone know the price ranges? And no I do not have my Gameshark working. I did for a time, but it corrupted itself when I started freeing up space by deleting codes that came on it.


As an owner of both I would say get the EFA linker. Eventually you might like to get them both (they compliment each other well). I sent you a link to where to buy it... you can buy a Supercard there as well. Remember add in the additional cost of a an SD card and reader (if you dont have them already) if you buy the Supercard also the Supercard will stick out of your Gameboy micro quite a bit! It sticks out on my SP, but at least it fits snugly, since it is bigger than a GBA cart to begin with it will really stick out of a Micro, the EFA is the same size as a standard GBA cart. One advantage of the Supercard is that it will run Nintendo DS roms as well (with a passkey) and unlike with GBA it works 99.8% of Nintendo DS games released so far! Here are the links:




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you buy the Supercard also the Supercard will stick out of your Gameboy micro quite a bit!

right, which is why they released a smaller mini-sd version (link)(review)

but the smaller version still had the same slowdown and compatibility issues of its big brother--though the saver patching isn't as required anymore. Still, make no mistake, you get what you pay for with supercard. Never had the new smaller one, but the old blue one was a pain. In the end it was fun about 66% of the time--mostly due to finding out 'how patched' to patch games and allow them to still boot. up side is that it's real cheap, but expect to be doing a lot of compatibility checks.


EZ flash 4 is a nice midpoint (link). keeps people happy over 95% of the time, patching unnecessary


the m3 mini-sd link (reduced size revision) costs and awful lot. Note that there are multiple versions of the m3 mini-sd. Some are bigger, and some (the pro unit) can't do gba games. But clear-cased mini-sd version is the final word in GBA flashcarts. I can think of one game I couldn't get to work on it, grand theft auto. That would be a 99% happiness rating.


of course there are also quite a number of gba flashcarts with onboard memory, ranging from the primative, to the modern ones that are still around. They generally had great compatibility (the later ones) but I had trouble with their restrictive storage size. I started with a Flash Advance 128mbit (16megabyte) myself, later upgraded it with a game wallet (mobile smartmedia flasher) before moving on the the supercard-sd, then the M3 SD, and now my clear-cased m3 mini sd. for completeness though, someday soon, I'll probably pick up the ezf4 before they disappear.

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9 hours ago, Braiden said:

In order to change the brightness on a Gameboy micro you need to hold down the L button and then push the volume button either up or down to desired brightness. 


That was already mentioned a few posts up.....12 years ago.

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